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    I’m rather iffy on it. Definitely a turn away from the franchise into its own alternate universe, though I suppose Metal Gear Ac!d would be one to talk about alternative universes.


    I think Metal Gear is a little late to jump on the zombie bandwagon, especially since it feels so out of place in the franchise. There’s plenty of other places I can get a zombie fix, and since this is a huge change, it will get a skip from me. It really does feel like they didn’t know what to do with the franchise without Kojima.


    The first game was about two brothers (CLONE brothers) throwing a fit over daddies love,
    The second game was, LITERALLY, fake.
    The third game you chased around the Ape Escape monkeys,
    The fourth game had two old men beating each other to death,
    And the fifth one had a bad guy that took the “But words can never hurt me” phrase a bit too literal.

    Oh. And a side game, that’s canon, where you’re a cyborg ninja who can cut 4 story mecha in half with a single swing.

    I think zombies are the least “out of place” element in metal gear.

    I’m iffy on it too though.
    But mostly because Konami is fucking EVERYTHING up lately.


    Honestly, I don’t see myself playing Survive, and I say this as a lifelong fan of the Metal Gear series. Sure, the franchise has been over-the-top since the Solid games first rolled out, but a zombie survival game is a bit too out there for me and does nothing to move the games forward in an interesting direction. I’d much rather see more political intrigue and espionage than a mindless action title, and the fact Konami is going so far as to recycle environments from MGSV further underscores just how lazy of an effort the title seems to be.

    I’ll pass.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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