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    I really, really love those casual time management games. Especially the Delicious series and its various spin-offs. They make me smile.

    Also… I have to admit I had fun playing HunieCam Studio. It was actually the first game I completed 100% on Steam and I even kept playing after that, setting up little challenges for myself. Subject matter aside, it’s a fun little management sim. Hell, I didn’t even really mind the subject matter because of how it was handled in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner, just like HuniePop was. Which, I guess, is another guilty pleasure game for me.

    Finally… Phantasmagoria. I have to mention this one. I begged my parents to get it for me after seeing a trailer for it on one of the Sierra games I got from my uncle (I think it was on the disc for Shivers). I was 14 the first time I played it – uncensored, I might add – and I loved it and have played it several more times since then, making it a Halloween tradition of mine which got broken as newer computers put the game in a 2″x3″ window. It’s cheesy and badly acted and cliche as hell, but it’s got a soft spot in my heart and now I can play it properly once more thanks to GOG!

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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