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    AvatarSgt. Polaris

    How would you feel if, for the next year, Willem Dafoe would visit your house randomly once a month and say hi and then leave, offering no explanation?


    What games are you giving as gifts this year?


    What is you favorite game universe/universe you think has the best world building behind it?

    I. ColemanI. Coleman

    Joe, Polaris, and Lavender, we answered your questions on this week’s Hey Poor Podcast:

    Not the Willem Dafoe one, of course, that one was dumb and you were dumb for posting it.

    We’d love to get more questions from y’all next week, and don’t forget that the week AFTER next is gonna be our end-of-year special, so start thinking about what questions you want to ask then!

    AvatarSgt. Polaris

    What game did you get as a present that you are most excited to play?


    Who is most responsible for getting you into video games?

    For me growing up video games were pretty much a lonely thing in my family, not serious enough to justify the time spent. This is why I like getting away from video games and playing board games or RPG’s with friends.

    Is your story similar at all?


    Since Blizzard is a popular topic right now, what games have everyone played from them?

    I. ColemanI. Coleman

    Anteak, Polaris, and Lavender, your questions got answered on Episode 81 of the podcast:

    Thanks for sending them in, and as always we’d love to see more!


    What’s your favorite tabletop system and why?

    AvatarSgt. Polaris

    What are your opinions on A Series of Unfortunate Events?

    What is your favorite netflix original show?


    What MMOs have you played? What did you like about them?

    AvatarSgt. Polaris

    What is your favorite mod for a game?

    Have you ever felt that a game is better with a mod than without, and if so, what game?

    Favorite game that no one has ever heard of?


    What’s your favorite musician/band/song/album?
    what’s something embarrassing you did when you were younger?
    what’s the hardest game you’ve ever played?
    when and where will you die?
    What’s your favorite game where you select a character (eg. fighting games, tf2, league of legends, etc) and who do you main?


    sort all of the characters of looney toons into a dnd alignment table or Hogwarts houses.
    FMK: tony the tiger, count chocula, and the Trix rabbit
    who would win: old man snake from mgs 4 or Luigi?

    AvatarSgt. Polaris

    What is the one game that you’ve wanted to play for a long time, but haven’t been able to, due to time, money, ect?

    What is the silliest thing that has happened to you in a game?

    What is your favorite story about characters dying in games like XCOM? If you havent played a game like that, why not?

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 97 total)
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