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    The Hey Poor Podcast is back on the road again with the ludicrously popular I. Coleman at the helm! If you have any questions you’d like us to answer on the podcast, please post it below! As long as it’s an interesting question and not staggeringly offensive, we’ll probably answer it some point!

    AvatarSgt. Polaris

    If you could only ever play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Also: you can’t mod the game or anything. Just the base game as it came out of the box. Or steam code, I guess.


    What’s your favorite video-game related memory?
    What’s a game that got you through a tough time?

    I. ColemanI. Coleman

    Yo, we answered these questions on this week’s episode of the Hey Poor Podcast!

    If you’ve got any questions for episode 73, we’d be happy to hear ’em. And if you’ve got any friends who you think would be interested or anyone else you know listens, tell them to post here too!


    What is the absolute worst video game you’ve ever played?

    AvatarSgt. Polaris

    I think we all know what that answer is for I…

    If you could make only one change to the gaming industry, what would it be?
    What problems would you make worse in order to enact that change?


    Will VR become the norm across the industry or die out like light gun games? How long until we’re all wearing headsets if the former?

    I. ColemanI. Coleman

    Thanks for the question about terrible games, Lavender! We answered that on this week’s episode:
    Unfortunately, we recorded on October 30th, before Yuu and Polaris sent theirs in, but fear not, true believers – your questions are gonna be given top priority for episode 74, so be sure to tune in on November 9th to hear them answered.


    Cheers for the heads up Mr. Coleman *salutes*


    So, what’s your favorite movie?

    I. ColemanI. Coleman

    Thanks for your questions, Lavender, Yuu, and Polaris! We answered them on this week’s (slightly late) episode of the Hey Poor Podcast:

    If you’ve got any more questions for the show we’d love to take them this week, and if you know anyone else who’d be interested in getting their videogame/pop culture questions answered on a real podcast, be sure to send them our way!


    What’s the strangest cartoon you’ve ever seen?


    I’m hoping this podcast won’t be about politics, because I think we all need an escape.

    Recommend some good, stress-relieving, escapist games. Do you think story helps with the escapism, or are puzzle games better?


    Favorite Battleborn character?

    AvatarSgt. Polaris

    What games do you turn to when you just want to relieve stress, frustration, and anger?

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