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    A possibly strange topic, but it has become such a way of life for me and for gamers that I am curious what you got when you took leap to downloading add-ons? Mine was the Knights of the Nine expansion for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


    Looking back, I think the first DLC I ever bothered with was probably the Horse Armor for Oblivion. Suffice to say, I don’t think I’ve really ever gotten the sour taste out of my mouth, because to this day I very seldom bother with DLC unless we were provided it for review.

    I know I’ve missed a ton of great content though, and not every studio delivers sad attempts at downloadable content. CD Projekt RED has done some stellar things with their Witcher Expansions, and Far Harbor was a great piece of content. Even still, I rarely find myself dwelling on games for long enough after they release to find an excuse to dive back in, DLC or not.


    According to my Steam, it was some Civilization V DLC. Thinking about it though, the first DLC I bought was probably the Dragon Age Origin DLC. Those bastards made me pay to see what happened to Morrigan!


    Bryan Dull

    What! You mean the horse armor wan’t worth the money! Kidding aside, I don’t usually go the DLC route anymore unless its Bethesda related because I usually know what I’m getting myself into.



    I guess it could be called “DLC”? December 2011 according to Steam I bought Borderlands GOTY. Though, that includes the DLC. October of 2012 I bought the Season Pass for Borderlands 2, which would be an actual dedicated purchase for DLC that doesn’t include the game.

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