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    Do you guys ever play romhacks? There are some interesting ones out there that really change the game.

    I’m playing one right now called Sonic 3: DA Garden. It’s basically Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but with all new level layouts. They really change things up, which is good for people who have played these games backwards and forwards (like me).

    Mario Adventure’s pretty good too – like a secret-heavy Mario 3 that encourages exploration:


    Truth be told, I haven’t played a ton of rom hacks outside of Japanese games that get language patched for western audiences, but I’ve seen a few that I thought were pretty cool.

    Our very own Mike Vito introduced me to “Fat Sonic”, a Sonic the Hedgehog romhack that replaces the rings the Blue Blur collects with onion rings, making Sonic gradually grow plumper and slower. It’s a need twist, turning the rings you desperately collect in the normal game into an environmental hazard, and overall it’s a pretty fun hack to mess around with.

    Additionally, there is a recent hack of Natsume’s Shadow of the Ninja called The Lost Boys: Frog Bros, which puts players in control of Edgar and Alan Frog as they hunt down the vampires from Joel Schumacher’s 1987 horror comedy classic.



    For those who can’t get enough Super Mario World, the Randomizer makes everything new again:


    ROM hacks are a very big interest of mine. I’ve been playing them for well over a decade and I feel they deserve their own little place in gaming history.

    Sonic hacks are numerous, and occasionally they almost get turned into entirely new games. One such example is Metal Sonic Hyperdrive, which replaces all of Sonic 1’s zones, as well as almost all the graphics and sound effects. There’s also lots of surprises, plus the ability to play as Kirby and Somari.

    Metal Sonic HyperdriveHyperdrive 2

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