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    As a big fan of horror games and over-the-top action, the Dead Rising series is one that’s always gelled with me, even if the last game in the series wasn’t quite as good as it could have been.

    However, from what Microsoft and Capcom have shown so far, Dead Rising 4 looks to be a gloriously gory return to form for the series. They released a new trailer today showcasing photojournalist-turned-zombie slayer Frank West laying waste to hordes of zombies in some ridiculous ways. The power armor looks awesome, and the guns look like they pack more of a punch than ever this time around.

    So, do any of you plan on picking up Dead Rising 4 when it shambles onto the Xbox One on December 6?



    I dunno, it seems like Dead Rising 4 is more of a misstep for the series. It seems like they’re missing the point of the series – I liked how the time limit forced you to think smart. You had to plan your playthroughs down to a science if you wanted to get the best ending. Without that time limit, you’ve just got another open-world sandbox.

    Plus, Dead Rising 3 was just so-so. I liked the psychopaths, but the endless fetch quests and sprawling world full of roadblocks rubbed me the wrong way.

    A recent gameplay build was leaked yesterday, if anybody is interested:



    The Dead Rising games are some mindless fun to play with a friend..Does this one ahve a time limit? I HATE that damn time limit..Let me enjoy the game at my own pace with ah friend!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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