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    There are a number of ways to play older titles with more modern systems – I had a friend who used the original Xbox to play a number of older titles. Do any of you guys use an emulation device/console to play the old school classics?

    I homebrewed the vWii portion of the Wii U to play a number of older titles. It’s great to have access to NES, SNES, CPS2, Genesis, GBA, and more in one place.



    I like Everdrives and having older consoles modded. I have a few arcade cabs and already own the boards I enjoy.

    I like the feel of playing the games on the hardware available at the time. Growing up with the various systems, I have fond memories with certain games.


    I actually just ordered one of these bad boys last night to toss in one of my candies. Anyone have any experience with them?

    The Pandora’s Box 4 comes loaded with 645 games from a variety of platforms including standard JAMMA, Neo Geo MVS, IGS PGM, CPS1 and CPS2. I’ve got a pretty sizable collection of boards, but at about a hundred bucks this is a value that’s pretty hard to beat.

    I’m especially hyped to dive into the ton of beat ’em ups that are packed in, such as Guardians Banpresto, Super Baseball Batman and Violent Storm. Also, there are quite a few Cave shmups included that are formatted to run on a horizontal cab, which is great because my candy with the rotation mechanism is currently suffering from some monitor issues.


    Well, my Pandora’s Box showed up today.

    Unfortunately there were problems right out the gate, as I tossed it in two separate cabs and with neither one was I able to get any kind of control panel or service button inputs to register. The only input the board responded to was accessing the service menu from a button on the unit itself.

    Thankfully, I contacted Amazon and they’re overnighting me a replacement board – and they didn’t even ask me to return the defective one. Hopefully I’ll be up to speed and cracking skulls in Violent Storm at this time tomorrow night. Keeping my fingers crossed!



    A good PC, mid-range Android phone/tablet, A home-brewed PSP-1000/2000, Nextthing Co’s C.H.I.P. (Not so much for 3D rendering at the moment. Do some research as it runs ARM based Debian Linux) … the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that I’ve tinkered with. The Hyperkin Retron appears to be an “okay” choice if you wanted to use original cartridges for NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, and even GB(C)/GBA games. Can even use a SNES, NES, or Genesis controller with it in lieu of the in-box controller. Just uh, no light guns, since it’s running using HDMI.


    A PC with RetroArch, LaunchBox, and an Xbox 360 controller. 😉

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