Batwoman Season 2: Kane, Kate Review

Kate’s Not Okay   I’m just gonna be honest – this was the best Batwoman of the season. I had felt a similar sensation various times earlier this season, but not to this extent. It managed to bring together so many important plot threads, and kept the action running…

Chicory: A Colorful Tale Review (PS5)

An Emotional Tale I like to say I’ve been writing about video games for nearly twenty years, and that is true. It leaves out the part, however, where I went about 8 years mostly away from doing so. It’s a period I talk about less, not only because it’s…
Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima Review (PS4)

Blood and Poetry: The Story of Jin Sakai Just before the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony released a true stand-out exclusive for the PS4 at the tail-end of its life cycle. Sucker Punch, best known for its Infamous franchise, presents us with Ghost of Tsushima: the story of…

Astro’s Playroom Review (PS5)

I-Am-As-Tro-Bot! As-Tro-Bot!   While the Super Nintendo was the console that introduced me to gaming, it was the Sony PlayStation that gave me my gaming foundations. From Final Fantasy to Tekken to Twisted Metal and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, so many of my first gaming memories came from the PlayStation.…
haven PC

Haven Review (PC)

Just go with the flow When I visited Château de Versailles for the first time in 2015, I walked out to the gardens and gazed upon the acres of painstakingly manicured history perfected over hundreds of years and was so overcome by their beauty that I wept. I could…

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Review (PS4)

An Incredible End to an Incredible Journey     I have really been looking forward to playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV. So much so, in fact, that I insisted on playing through CSII and CSIII beforehand just to make sure that as much of the game’s story as…

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