The Last Friend Review (PC)

The Last Friend Review: A Pawsitively Perfect Tale   What do you get when you mix Plants vs. Zombies and Streets of Rage, and throw in a heaping helping of hound dogs? You get the oh-so-glorious The Last Friend, the brainchild of David Brevik (of Diablo fame). Combining tower…

Lost Judgment Review (PS5)

Lost Judgment Review: A Mesmerizing Murder Mystery   When it made its debut in the west back in 2019, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Judgment was a breath of fresh air for fans of the Yakuza franchise. It introduced players to Takayuki Yagami, a lawyer-turned-private investigator, as he unraveled a…

Song of Iron Review (PC)

Song of Iron Review: Song of Iron Stands Above The Pack It’s hard for a small indie game to stand out from the pack. So many developers are making so many competent 2D action games in recent years that a lot of them just blend into a perfectly adequate…
hades walkthrough

Hades Review (Xbox Series X)

A Must-Play Masterpiece Even most of the best games have issues. Things I would change if I could, even if they’re minor. Every now and then, though, a game comes along where every element complements the others. Where everything clicks to the point where changing any one element would…
The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City Review (PC)

Felicem Diem Marmota monaxi! Every once in a while, a game comes along that feels bigger than it really is — impossibly vast despite its fixed map, deeper than its delivered dialogue, and far richer than its pricepoint would lead anyone to believe. A game that offers up its…
Death's Door

Death’s Door Review (PC)

Death’s Door Review: Open the Door Into Strange Adventure     I originally had no idea what to expect from Death’s Door. All I knew from the outset was that it was being published by Devolver and developed by Acid Nerve, who previously made Titan’s Souls. I didn’t have…

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