NeverAwake Review (PC)

NeverAwake Review: Fight Rem’s Nightmares in This Psychedelic Adventure   One of the fringe benefits of being a game reviewer is that I don’t just get to cover well-known games and series, but I get to cover compelling new titles. Stuff that perhaps the majority of players haven’t heard…

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Season 1: The Retreat Review

Being Enough There’s little in life that feels better than when someone likes you for who you are. Through recent episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, we’ve seen Jen battle with this as she tries to connect with people and find any semblance of a romantic life that’s about…

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Season 1: Just Jen Review

Sometimes Just Jen Is Enough Going to a wedding when you’re single can be really awkward. A celebration of love isn’t always easy when you don’t have a love of your own, particularly if you really want one. Yet when Jennifer Walters goes to the wedding of her old…
Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines Review (Switch)

Beacon Pines Review: Spooky Cute Time Loop Luka hasn’t had the easiest life. First his father died when he was very young; then his mother mysteriously vanished. Seemingly orphaned and all alone, Luka’s grandmother, Juniper, swiftly moved in to take care of the young buck, but life simply wasn’t…

Deathloop Review (Xbox Series X)

Deathloop Review: Prepare To Die   It almost feels strange sitting down to write a review for Deathloop in September, 2022. Having originally released for the PS5 a year ago, Deathloop was a bit of an anomaly in that despite technically being developed by a studio that was, by that stage, under the…

Shovel Knight Dig Review (PC)

Shovel Knight Dig Review: Dig Deeper To Victory   I’m just gonna admit it – I’m a big fan of Yacht Club Games. Not only was the original Shovel Knight easily one of the best games I ever crowdfunded, but the subsequent DLC adventures were all well-produced expansions of…

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