YouTubers Life 2

YouTubers Life 2 Review (PC)

YouTubers Life 2 Review: A YouTuber’s Life for me! Like a fair share of millennials, I can name a slew of YouTubers that I watch regularly; in fact, I think I’ve dramatically increased my YouTube intake since the pandemic began. Markiplier, Smosh, Bailey Sarian, Brad Mondo, Jaime French, Cloudie…

Aeon Must Die Review (PS4)

Aeon Must Die Review: The Evolution Of The Beat ‘Em Up   Before we dig into Aeon Must Die, I just want to be clear that yes, we at HPP are very much aware of the controversy surrounding the game’s launch. If you want to know more about the accusations…
ruin raiders keyart

Ruin Raiders Review (PC)

Ruin Raiders Review: Raiders Of The Lost Humans          I’m usually not the biggest fan of rogue-likes. There’s just something about the repetitive grind of crawling dungeon-after-dungeon, character-after-character, that makes me feel somewhat emotionally detached from the struggle. But then I played Ruin Raiders, a tactical…
seeker my shadow

Seeker: My Shadow Review (Oculus Rift S)

Seeker: My Shadow Review: The cutest Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ever! Everything was was lovely and peaceful in the world of the Seekers… until the Jesterians reopened the Pillar of Darkness and threatened to do harm unto the land. Seizing the moment, Viktor immediately enlisted the help of his Seeker,…

Chasing Static Review (PC)

Developed by Headware Games, Chasing Static dials in a unique spin on the psychological horror genre with its lo-fi visuals and focus on sonic exploration.

Lemnis Gate Review (Xbox Series X)

Lemnis Gate Review: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again I won’t lie: when I turned Lemnis Gate on and had played through the tutorial, I wanted to immediately uninstall. The head-spinning concept is so convoluted that it seemed impenetrable at first. However, with a bit of perseverance, Lemnis Gate,…

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