The Rainsdowne Players Review (PC)

Welcome, The Rainsdowne Players! The Rainsdowne Players is a sweet 8-Bit style game, following two actors, trying to make their theatre troupe the best it can be. It certainly doesn’t help that they are willing to take a lot of flack from the audience, including letting them throw various objects…

911 Operator Review (Switch)

Phoning it In     I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a game defy my initial expectations of it, only to defy those new expectations later on. And, if I haven’t, then 911 Operator is definitely the first. Never having been one for overly realistic simulators, I was…

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Review (PS4)

Be Killing Sin or It Will Be Killing You When one thinks about games with challenging bosses and unforgiving difficulty, they tend to think of the Souls series.  Indeed, Dark Souls has left an indelible mark on the gaming sphere. A number of sequels, spinoffs, and even other games…

Gal Metal Review (Switch)

Playing with Power (Ballads)     You know how sometimes you play a demo and think that you know what the game’s going to be about, only to end up completely wrong when you play the full game? It’s always kind of a surreal feeling, if you ask me.…

Home Sweet Home Review (Xbox One, PS4)

Home is where the heart attack is   If there’s one thing I love, it’s survival horror games. Ever since the creepy Nurse Edna first scared the living daylights out of me in Maniac Mansion as a kid, I’ve been a glutton for punishment when it comes to getting…

Niffelheim Review (PC)

No break from the harsh necessities of survival, even in the afterlife!       There’s plenty of fiction about Vikings that focuses on daring longboat raids, fierce battles and their mythical gods. However, not quite as much attention is given to the day-to-day realities of endlessly chopping down…

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