hover: revolt of gamers

Hover: Revolt of the Gamers Review (Xbox One)

Getting Back to the Grind   It’s been nearly two decades since Jet Grind Radio made its debut on the Dreamcast. Yet despite the passage of time, the game, which blended flashy skate tricks and colorful graffiti tagging, remains fondly remembered by fans of SEGA’s ill-fated sixth-gen console. Hover,…

Unknown Fate Review (PC)

Light Leads the Way   I’ve always had the naive mindset that immersive, first-person games exist so people can live out fantasies. But why do that when you can live out terrifying, trauma? That’s the theme of Marslit Games’ Unknown Fate. Unknown Fate follows the story of Richard, who…

Shenmue I & II Review (PS4)

HEnmue, SHEnmue, WEnmue…   I have played neither of the Shenmue games.  The series has always been a personal fascination for me given the reverence I’ve seen for these games, and the immersive worlds they present to the player are very interesting. Full of anticipation and curiosity, I booted…

Detached Review (PSVR)

Moonwalking Into Mediocrity   Following in the footsteps of Adr1ft and Downward Spiral: Horus Station (read our review here), Detached is the latest zero-gravity title to find its way onto PSVR. Developed by indie outfit Anshar Studios, the game puts players in control of a salvager who, after being…

Narcosis Review (Xbox One)

A waterlogged walking simulator with some quality scares   Set against the inky black of the ocean floor, Narcosis is best described as a walking simulator with a heavy dose of psychological horror thrown in for good measure. You play as Kip Mattas, the lone survivor of a catastrophic…

Next Up Hero Review (PC)

Ghosted     I’ve always been a little hesitant when it comes to playing community content-focused games. Games which, rather than focusing on the content which comes with the game, place the bulk of their emphasis on the content which its players create. Don’t get me wrong or anything,…

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