Vambrace: Cold Soul Review (PC)

No Rest for the Weary     Vambrace: Cold Soul is an excellent example of what happens when you attempt to bring two different video game elements together, thinking that the end result will turn out great simply due to the fact that each element is great on its…

Moero Chronicle Hyper Review (Switch)

The Beauty of the Beast     As a reviewer, I’ve had plenty of experience with Japanese games that specialize in hitting players with heavy doses of… erm… shock value of the revealing variety. I’ve reviewed Hyperdimension Neptunia. I’ve reviewed Gal*Gun. And I’ve reviewed Senran Kagura. I thought that I was immune to…

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Review (Switch)

Shaky, but Serviceable     Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is okay. I know, I know, that’s literally the most milquetoast, noncommittal way to describe a game, but there’s really not any other way for me to describe it in an honest way. It’s certainly not a bad game. The gameplay was fine, I…

Croixleur Sigma Review (Switch)

A Smashing (and Slashing) Good Time     I’ll cut straight to the chase, here; Croixleur Sigma is one of the most cliché games that I’ve played in a long while. Between its magical schoolgirl protagonists, high-speed monster-slaying gameplay, and highly unforgiving difficulty, this is a game that absolutely…

Truberbrook Review (PC)

Simulated Stop-Motion   In my youth, I’d always enjoyed the old Aardman animations: most famously Wallace and Gromit. Though stop-motion animation was tapering off as a form for special effects on movies, there was something about the authenticity of models and clay that gave them a warmth that really…
The Princess Guide | Header

The Princess Guide Review (Switch)

Has NIS America Developed These Princesses for Great Victory or Epic Defeat?     The Princess Guide is a title from NIS America that I had been anticipating since its announcement. Mainly since it looked to have an eye-catching art style and seemed to be a bit quirky. Which…

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