Road 96

Road 96 Review (Xbox Series X)

The Open Road Few games have the courage to be as overtly political as Road 96. Even games that clearly have a message often make sure everyone hears that they aren’t actually political, that we’re all just imagining those obvious themes and ideas behind them. There’s none of that…

Moon Knight Season 1: The Friendly Type Review

Lost To The Sands Marc Spector isn’t well. That much is clear very quickly upon our rejoining him in Cairo during the third episode of Moon Knight, The Friendly Type. This is the first episode where Marc spends most of the show in control, and we really get to…

MLB The Show 22 Review (Xbox Series X)

MLB The Show 22 Review: Another Year, Another MLB The Show   It’s still weird seeing a Sony-published game on Xbox, even a year after MLB The Show went multi-console. This year’s edition, MLB The Show 22, has some cool updates, like making it easier to become a two…

Flynn: Son of Crimson Review (Switch)

Flynn: Son of Crimson Review: A Feisty Redhead and his Dog Save the World   I’ve been interested in Flynn: Son of Crimson since I first saw the game’s lush artwork. It immediately reminded me of some of the greats from the 90s, and I hoped the game would…

Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between Review (PC)

Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between Review: liminal lo-fi A long highway. A commuter train. A quiet airport. A hiking trail. All of these places have something in common: they’re transitory spaces, meant to be completely temporary for those who find themselves passing through. Sometimes they have more similarities with each…

Syberia: The World Before Review (PC)

Syberia: The World Before Review: An Unlikely Third Chance Picking a story up more than a decade after it left off is never easy. The first two Syberia titles were beloved point-and-click adventure games back in the early aughts, but it seemed for a long time the story would…

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