Tower of Fantasy Review (PC)

Tower of Fantasy Review (PC)   When Tower of Fantasy was first brought to my attention, it wasn’t long before I heard the term “Genshin-Killer”. That term was already concerning, as the trend of “X-Killer” tended to lean towards an unfounded cockiness that rarely ever panned out. While Tower…

Ooblets Review (Switch)

Ooblets Review: All the Oobs down in Oobville Your life has been a giant toot. That’s right, I said it. One big ol’ toot. You live on an isolated island where the people are probably stuffy and boring. The tootiest part of all is you don’t even have any…
arcade paradise

Arcade Paradise Review (PC)

Arcade Paradise Review: lather, rinse, repeat Up and at ’em, Ashley! It’s your first day on the job at your new laundrette, and you don’t want to be late (even though you’ve probably stayed up all night playing games and listening to grunge). You know the deal, Dad wants…

Thymesia Review (PC)

Thymesia Review: A Journey to Remember     I’ve always considered the Soulslike subgenre to be the contemporary equivalent of the Metroidvania subgenre. Neither Dark Souls nor Castlevania: Symphony of the Night/Super Metroid were responsible for creating their primary genres (action RPGs and platformers, respectively) but instead used their base…

Rollerdrome Review (PS5)

Rollerdrome Review: Nearing Nirvana With style to spare and a flow that, at its best, feels like video game nirvana, Rollerdrome should be right up my alley. I love little more than the sort of game you can slip into so deeply that the controller feels like an extension…

Midnight Fight Express Review (PC)

Midnight Fight Express Review: A Dynamic Duo When the leader of the criminal underworld is set to complete their full takeover of a city by morning, you’d think it was time to call in the big guns and save the day. In Midnight Fight Express though, the big guns…

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