Batwoman Season 2: And Justice for All Review

Hate, Ignorance, Apathy – It’s Bigger Than Me   I have mixed feelings for the latest Batwoman. As you might have figured out from the title, it’s an episode very focused on social justice. While I’m fine with that, I also prefer when such discussions feel genuine. And while…

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis Review (PC)

Starvation, Sickness and Sieges   In these dire times we often feel the need for some blissful escapism from the cruel realities of life, and Siege Survival: Gloria Victis is a game that absolutely does… not provide this. It starts with a cutscene of a defeated, battered soldier crawling…
The Invisible Hand

The Invisible Hand Review (PC)

It ain’t much, but it’s (dis)honest work Although many things can be said about what 2020 has taught us, one clear lesson we’ve had in 2021 is in stocks and finances. The GameStop stock craze educated the uninitiated on short stocks, and the interest in Dogecoin has so far…

R-Type Final 2 Review (Switch)

Back In the Pilot’s Seat       Finality is a funny concept, especially in video games. We hate the idea of something being over. Hell, look at how many games take place in the so-called Final Fantasy series! But I never thought R-Type would toy with that concept.…

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect Review (Switch)

Crime Never Pays   I haven’t played a lot of visual novels. But recently, they’ve been growing on me quite a bit. So I decided to give Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect from Crime Opera Studios, Ratalaika Games and eastasiasoft a try. While mafia crime stories aren’t typically my…

New Pokémon Snap Review (Switch)

Get Your Cameras Ready!   While I hope this doesn’t come across as grandiose, here goes: I feel like I was destined to review New Pokémon Snap. After all, I’ve been an early adopter of Pokémon since the very beginning. I still remember taking my Game Boy to school,…

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