Steel Assault Review (PC)

Steel Assault Review: Fight the Power in Post-Apocalyptic America     Steel Assault is a game I’ve been intrigued by since I demoed it. Developed by Zenovia Interactive, it’s a raging, non-stop ride through 5 action-packed stages. It features a captivating visual style, hard-yet-satisfying gameplay, and an interesting story.…
clash of chefs vr

Clash of Chefs VR (Oculus Rift S)

Clash of Chefs VR review: Order up! If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant before, you know how hectic a regular day can get. Orders come in non-stop, and the servers want to keep customers happy because they’ll receive an earful if they don’t. Of course, the only thing…

Gamedec Review (PC)

Warsaw City’s best Gamedec is on the case! There’s a faraway future where games are not only important, they’re an integral part of daily life. I’m not talking about consoles or PC games using a controller or keyboard either — I’m talking sitting on a couch with a special…

Faraday Protocol Review (PC)

Faraday Protocol Review: Following Protocol   Puzzle games with the levels of depth that Portal and The Talos Principle bring are few and far between, which makes partaking in them like enjoying a rich chocolate. They’re not something you want to devour hastily. I walked into Faraday Protocol expecting…

METALLIC CHILD Review (Switch)

METALLIC CHILD Review: Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?   When I saw the style of METALLIC CHILD, I knew that it was my sort of game. It’s a colorful, chibi rogue-like full of destructive robots. Who’s to stop them? None other than Rona! An adorable young android…
Tribes of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard Review (PC)

Tribes of Midgard: The victorious Tribes of Midgard shall dine in Valhalla! Making (and releasing!) a working video game is a challenging endeavor; making (and releasing!) a working multiplayer game is, for all intents and purposes, a freaking miracle. As the developer, not only do you have to ensure…

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