cats organized neatly

Cats Organized Neatly Review (PC)

If I fits, I sits Cats. Cuteness. Puzzles. If those three words describe your interests, oh boy do I have a game for you: Cats Organized Neatly, a game where you… organize cats. Neatly. Neat! (ly). Developed and self-published by German indie team DU&I (Virtual Cottage), Cats Organized Neatly is…


Rumbling With Robots, Romance, Mystery and More   There are a few reasons this review of ROBOTICS;NOTES DOUBLE PACK is later than the initial release. For one thing, both games included in this package are pretty massive, and combined can take upwards of 100+ hours to finish. Another reason,…

Barbearian Review (Switch)

A Flash in the Pan     With Adobe Flash’s final curtain call quickly approaching, I’ve come to realize that there will someday be a point where I can no longer call something “Flash-esque” without confusing people. Sure, there are other words that I could use to describe games…
the almost gone

The Almost Gone Review (PC)

Mean, clean isometric diorama puzzles As I’ve said in previous reviews, puzzle games often don’t need a whole lot driving them forward since the people who enjoy the genre simply love solving puzzles. But what happens when it’s incredibly clear that the developer is pushing the storyline through the…
tree trunk brook

Tree Trunk Brook Review (PC)

Nothing beats the Great Outdoors! I’ve played a few games that touch upon COVID-19 this year already, and they’ve been fairly bleak experiences. That makes sense of course — we are in the middle of a pandemic and all — but I don’t know about you guys, but I’m…
Rainy Season

Rainy Season Review (PC)

Rain, rain, go away… In Los Angeles, it rains so infrequently that when the skies finally do decide to bless us, it’s almost a magical experience that makes me want to stay indoors and snuggle up with a good book. This is in contrast to where my husband grew…

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