Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review (Xbox One)

This Chainsaw Needs a Little More Gas. Nine years ago, Microsoft and Epic Games teamed up to give gamers a heart pounding game of hide and seek, providing them with a chainsaw machine gun as a means to “tag” each other out. Vancouver-based developer The Coalition was handed the…

Xeodrifter Review (3DS)

Space: a frontier.   Have you ever gone back to an old favorite game, and wished that it was your first time playing it again? Or perhaps more accurately, have you ever wished for a whole new experience that feels like that one you love, but isn’t the same?…

Mega Man Legacy Collection Review (PS4)

The Blue Bomber is once back from the past, welcoming players both old and new The concept of re-releasing Mega Man games is not a foreign concept at all for the folks at Capcom. These timeless classics have been released several times already on a medley of platforms including…

Fairy Fencer F Review (PC)

Do you believe in magic, in a young girl’s sword?   In an age where “HD Remakes” are possible, it seems as though more and more games are getting makeovers in an attempt to once again throw their hat into the ring. While this makes sense for any series…

Galagan’s Island Early Access Review (PC)

Very Punny – Find more than just references to arcade shoot ’em ups with Galagan’s Island. Indie developer Skinny Jean Death has been getting some press for Galagan’s Island beyond potential infringement lawsuits. The real press stems  from the fact that it was designed by 13-year-old named Jonathan Cunningham with…

Legend of Kay – Anniversary Edition Review (PC)

A furry feline pounces in from last decade!   Cutesy platformers with rebellious anthropomorphic lead characters haven’t exactly been in fashion for some time. Even way back in 2005, when Legend of Kay came out on the venerable Playstation 2, these kinds of games were seriously on the wane.…

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