The Letter Review (Switch)

The Letter Review: Handle with Scare   Visual novels as a genre have really been growing on me lately. I’ve always been somewhat intrigued by them, but there’s something about a playable book that made me hesitant to give them a try. Which is weird, because I absolutely love…

The Gunk Review (Xbox Series X)

The Gunk Review: Perfect For Game Pass Game Pass is changing the way the gaming industry works in a million ways, large and small. A game like The Gunk, though, makes me wonder how much it’s starting to impact development. The Gunk is the prototypical “perfect for Game Pass”…
Horatio Goes Snowboarding | Review Featured

Horatio Goes Snowboarding Review (Switch)

Horatio Goes Snowboarding Review: Slalom Like a Madman   I only found out about Horatio Goes Snowboarding by following the announcements from publisher eastasiasoft. I wasn’t super familiar with the developer, Infinite State Games. All I knew was that Horatio Goes Snowboarding looked simple and fun, and sometimes you…

Looking For Aliens Review (PC)

Looking For Aliens Review: Look at me — I am SETI now Earth — such a puny, backwater world. They’re still a Type 0 Civilization, I mean can you imagine? They haven’t even landed one of their own on the planet closest to them, and we’re supposed to call…

Ghosts and Apples Review (Switch)

Ghosts and Apples Review: An Apple-solutely Unique Game   Halloween may be well and over with, but if I’ve learned anything from Tim Burton, it’s that Halloween can be mashed together with any holiday and enjoyed year round. And so it is with Ghosts and Apples from Rough Cyber…
word forward

Word Forward Review (Switch)

Word Forward Review: Oh, word? Is it just me, or is there a dearth of good word puzzles on the Switch? Like I get that dungeon crawlers and platformers might be more adrenaline-inducing, but surely my fellow word nerds can agree that games with Boggle or Scrabble vibes need…

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