Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Review (Switch)

Lukewarm Looting     I love a video game with a good story. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a JRPG like Persona 4 (the rest of them are amazing, too, so calm down), or a visual novel like Steins;Gate; a game that can hook me with a good story is…

Deep Sky Derelicts Review (PC)

Lost in Space… Somewhat   I’m going to open this review with the confession that after playing Deep Sky Derelicts for many hours, I’m still not completely sure what it’s about (other than what’s in the title.) There is a lot of dialogue that moves fast, then no dialogue…

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse Review (Switch)

Art, Adventure, and a Cockroach Named Trevor   Oh, the point and click adventure genre. No matter how many times I insist that I just don’t have the chops for plunging neck-deep into adventures comprised of mouse cursor navigation, obscure puzzles, and getting out of deadly situations with a…

Old School Musical Review (Switch)

Kickin’ it Old School     Different people enjoy retro games for different reasons. Some people enjoy re-living their childhood. Others think that they represented the pinnacle of gaming culture. And others still might just think that they’re kind of cool. But me? That’s easy; I love me some…

Strange Brigade (PS4) Review

Tally-Ho! Adventure Awaits!   When it comes to games that involve shooting things, Rebellion Games knows the business very well. With titles like the Sniper Elite series and the classic FPS Alien vs Predator PC titles under their belt, it’s fair to say gunplay is their specialty. Their newest…

Impulsion Review (PC)

Impulsion Control   If you thought Portal had too many physics puzzles and not enough infuriatingly difficult platforming sections then congrats, you’re Impulsion’s target audience. Impulsion places you in the role of a robot assigned to do endless tests for an inscrutable AI in a testing complex of indeterminate…

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