The Eternal Castle: Remastered Review (PC)

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep     The Eternal Castle: Remastered is an admittedly bizarre game with an even more bizarre backstory. Describing itself as “a remake of the original ‘Eternal Castle‘ from 1987,” you’re probably thinking that this is a remake of a very old game — which is…
we never learn volume 1 review

We Never Learn Vol. 1 Review

Scholarships, tutoring, and cute girls, oh my! Poor genius Nariyuki Yuiga’s this close to achieving his dream scholarship, and in recognition of his hard work, the principal’s more than happy to grant his wish…on one condition: that he tutors Ichinose Academy’s two legendary geniuses – bookworm Fumino Furuhashi and…

Battle Princess Madelyn Review (Xbox One)

Grabbed By The Ghoulies…And Ghosts!   One of my favorite childhood memories is of spending what seemed like an entire summer vacation with my best friend as we tried to power our way through Ghosts ‘n Goblins on the NES. Sure, it was a soul-crushing experience. And it may have…

Toki Review (Switch)

Simple Simian Shenanigans     Retro remakes are all the rage these days. And why shouldn’t they be? They provide an opportunity to bring classic games back into the limelight whilst also offering a semi-new experience for those that enjoyed their original releases. More often than not, when a…

Gensokyo Defenders Review (Switch)

Pretty Cool     The fast-and-frantic bullet hell action of the Touhou series is something that’s earned it quite a bit of respect from plenty of people – myself included. However, when it comes to Touhou spin-offs… maybe not so much. The past two Touhou-branded offshoots that I’ve reviewed…


Child’s Play     I’ve reviewed enough point-and-clicks by now that my whole “I don’t play very many of these” schtick is probably beginning to wear its welcome. It’s not that I do play a lot of them – because I don’t – but, personal preferences be damned, one…

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