Valkyrie Elysium Review (PC)

Valkyrie Elysium Review: Almost Valhalla   I’m personally fascinated by Norse mythology, so when Valkyrie Elysium was first announced, I couldn’t have been more excited to play as an actual Valkyrie and explore the notable realms of Midgard and Niflheim. The events of Ragnarok have been kicked off, and…

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Review (PC)

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Review: Patience Is Rewarded Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord eventually gets really good. After putting dozens of hours into building your army, taking control of areas, and cutting down anyone who stands against you, you’ll find thrilling large-scale strategy battles that few games can…

The Witch’s House MV Review (Switch)

The Witch’s House MV Review: Surprisingly Creepy Pixel Horror   Halloween may have come and gone, but it’s never too late to enjoy some creepy thrills. Or maybe I’m just one of those people who thoroughly loves horror year round. Either way, Fummy’s The Witch’s House MV is of…

Kaichu – The Kaiju Dating Sim Review (PC)

Kaichu – A Kaiju Dating Sim Review: Looking for love in all the tall places! Breaking news: a giant pink monster is roaming the Earth, looking to woo other giant monsters in their quest for wanton romance. While this a very sweet bit of news, don’t mistake it for…
Absolute Tactics

Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy Review (Switch)

Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy Review: Beggin’ For Mercy     Every great adventure begins with a first step. For Huxley, the protagonist in Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy, his adventure begins when he finds a magical statue with a spirit that possesses him. While that might be disturbing…
brick tales review

LEGO Bricktales Review (PC)

LEGO Bricktales Review: Build your own adventure! Welp, Grandpa’s gone and done it again. He’s a brilliant scientist, but he’s a bit, well… mad. And in his madness, he’s accomplished (and forgotten) quite a bit. Like his portal machine — insanely cool doohickey that’ll allow people to teleport wherever…

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