Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Review (PC)

To Save Our Mother Earth From Any Alien Attacks! The Earth Defense Force series is known for having classic 50’s B-movie staples like giant ants and flying saucers facing down against more contemporary anime standbys like wing-suited troopers and giant mecha. That remains the case in Earth Defense Force:…

Pecaminosa – A Pixel Noir Game Review (PC)

An absolutely sinful pixel noir There was a time when Johnny Souza wasn’t some washed out has-been who saw the bottom of a bottle more than any real action. There was a time when Souza and his partner, Sullivan, were respected detectives, their names striking fear in the hearts…
ruins of limis

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: Ruins Of Limis DLC Review (PC)

Time to dive back into the dungeon! Our favorite ragtag group of heroes… well, are they truly heroes? Hmm… Adventurers, then? Adventurers, yeah, let’s go with that. Our favorite ragtag group of adventurers are back in their first ever DLC, The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: Ruins Of Limis. After their…
Castle Flipper

Castle Flipper Review (PC)

An interior decorator! An interior decorator! My kingdom for an interior decorator! If you’re like me, you’ve poured dozens and dozens of hours into House Flipper — last I checked, I’ve clocked a total of 83 hours of painting, gardening, and designing for the same few families purchasing a…

Save me Mr. Tako: Definitive Edition Review (Switch)

Let’s Get Kraken Growing up, video games were a luxury and a half. I didn’t have my own Game Boy for a very, very long time; I ended up having to play on my aunt’s (which she kept in the junk drawer in the dining room hutch). When I…

Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle DLC Review (PC)

‘Oorah!   Iron Harvest dared to dream of our first World War with an extra helping of heavy-duty mechs. In a Call of Duty-meets-MechWarrior-meets-Command & Conquer collage, publisher Deep Silver spared no expense showing us what WW1 would look like with a bit more mechanical flair beyond the expected…

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