The Land of Glass Review (PC)

As Classy As it is Glassy The thing about glass is that it can be beautiful, ornate and carefully constructed, yet it’s brittle and can shatter suddenly and dramatically. The Land of Glass really personifies this duality. It’s a card battler with beautiful scenery, that looks like a stained glass…

Streets Of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe Review

A charming, gore-spattered throwback to the arcade days One of the cruelest injustices of the games media – besides the obvious stuff like not paying its writers, treating women like dirt, and comparing everything to Dark Souls – is the dismissal of the noble beat-em-up as a legitimate genre.…

Frostpunk Review (PC)

To say that for destruction ice / Is also great / And would suffice 11 bit Studios first made a name for themselves with 2014’s This War Of Mine, which stood out by being not only a great strategy game but also a powerful anti-war narrative, told through a…

The Swords of Ditto Review (PC)

Deja Vous “You’re the chosen one!” That phrase has to sound familiar to most of you reading this. Whether it’s discovering that you’re the Dragonborn, being telepathically called into action by Princess Zelda, or finding out that you have the ability to summon a giant key-shaped sword at will,…
Football Manager Touch 2018

Football Manager Touch 2018 Review (Switch)

Getting Addicted All Over Again     When I reviewed the PC version of Football Manager 2018 back in November I praised its ability to suck me into a sport that I knew absolutely nothing about. I loved the game so much that I almost didn’t review it because I…

The Bunker Review (Switch)

Has Anybody Seen My Pip-Boy?     Christmas of 1992. That was the day I was gifted Sega’s new, innovative add-on for the Sega Genesis, the Sega CD. That was the day that I saw the future of video games. My family, friends, and even my pets were taken…

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