Aniquilation Review (Switch)

Aniquilation Review: Sluggish Twin-Stick Action   I’m always keen to try out a new twin-stick shooter. There’s something extremely cathartic about the genre when done right, and I’ve lost countless hours to the immediacy and intensity of genre heavyweights such as Super Stardust Ultra, or my personal favorite, Nex Machina.…

Quintus and the Absent Truth Review (PS5)

Quintus and the Absent Truth Review: A Not So Mighty Mouse   Sometimes a bedtime story just needs a little something extra to keep the kiddo interested. Well, horror’s a good place to start, right? Of course, most parents reading horror stories to their kiddos probably end up with…

Hell Pages Review (Switch)

Hell Pages Review: Save The World By Killing Everything   Generally when I think of Shmups, I  envision far future settings, bleak and dystopian. But I can say in all honesty that Hell Pages is one of the few Shmups I’ve played that takes place in a supernatural apocalypse.…
Krut: The Mythic Wings

Krut: The Mythic Wings Review (Switch)

Krut: The Mythic Wings Review: Wasted Opportunity   Thailand, its people, and its culture will always have a special place in my heart having spent some time backpacking around the breathtakingly beautiful country some years ago. Krut: The Mythic Wings, an action platformer developed by Thai studio Pixel Perfex,…

Kao the Kangaroo Review (Switch)

Kao the Kangaroo Review: Hop, Skip, and a Stumble   Despite being a gamer of a certain age, I had no previous familiarity with Kao the Kangaroo. In fact, I only recently realized that the series was first introduced back in the era of the warring video game mascots.…
Touken Ranbu Warriors

Touken Ranbu Warriors Review (Switch)

Touken Ranbu Warriors Review: Plenty Of Style, No Substance   I love a good Musou game. What many see as shallow and repetitive, I see as an enjoyable, moreish grind. A lot of people dismiss series such as Koei Temco’s Dynasty Warriors as a brainless hack and slash affairs,…

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