She Remembered Caterpillars Review (Switch)

Broken Dreams, Fractured Reality     It’s been a while since I’ve last played a game like She Remembers Caterpillars. From its simplistic-yet-deep gameplay to its atmospheric presence, to its artistic-yet-melancholy story, almost every aspect about this game is smart, yet slightly pretentious in the same kind of “video games…
Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar Review (PC)

Shrouded in Atrocity   Look guys, RPGs are my thing. My. Thing. I know they can often be clunky and and even straight up atrocious at times, but I can’t help myself. Stories are an essential element of our everyday life, and a good RPG will always succeed in…

Super Seducer Review (PC)

Super Seducer or Stupid Sad Sucker?   Pick-up artists and associated groups tend to prey on the minds and wallets of naive young men by promising them an easy way to have lots of sex. Though it may give them more confidence having “routines” to fall back on when…

Lock’s Quest Review (PC)

Better throw away the key while you’re at it   In terms of both critical and fan response, the 2008 DS Lock’s Quest was one of the best titles on the system. With great tower defense gameplay, stylish pixel art, and a decently long story campaign, fans were hoping…

Troll And I Review (PC)

I’d rather watch Troll 2 After sitting through some PS2-quality cutscenes, the first thing you’re asked to do in Troll and I is hunt some boar. Doing this is simple: first, you crouch. There’s a pretty good chance that the game won’t recognize your input on the first try,…

Potato Thriller Review (PC)

I Wanted An Assignment, And For My Sins They Gave Me One Potato Thriller: Steamed Potato Edition opens with five minutes of staring at a radio.  As you do so, “Newz Guy One” and “Newz Guy Two” – clearly one man doing two voices through a headset mic with…

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