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Hell Let Loose Review (Xbox Series X)

Hell Let Loose Review: Tactical And Authentic Milsim Action   With the hype machines for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 in full swing, you’d be forgiven for having no idea that another military FPS hit consoles this month after making the jump from PC. Published by Team17…

Lemnis Gate Review (Xbox Series X)

Lemnis Gate Review: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again I won’t lie: when I turned Lemnis Gate on and had played through the tutorial, I wanted to immediately uninstall. The head-spinning concept is so convoluted that it seemed impenetrable at first. However, with a bit of perseverance, Lemnis Gate,…

Sable Review (Xbox Series X)

Sable Review: Not Quite Ready There’s nothing worse than wasted potential. A game where all the important things are right, but little details consistently bring it down. That’s sadly the case with Sable. There’s a truly excellent game in here, and maybe eventually we’ll get to see it. For…

The Artful Escape Review (Xbox Series X)

A True Original   What makes a video game a video game? Controlling a character? Any input at all? Is it something we just know when we see it? These are questions I asked while making my way through The Artful Escape. An audio-visual tour de force, I’ll treasure…

Psychonauts 2 Review (Xbox Series X)

A Revival For The Ages Despite how many developers have made it work in recent years, returning to a beloved series after many years is a big challenge. You have to incorporate what fans loved about the series originally. Otherwise, why bother returning in the first place? At the…

Recompile Review (Xbox Series X)

Recompile Review: A Great Look But Not Much More   With a great look and an original outlook, there’s definitely something interesting about Recompile. Despite its flaws, I found myself pulled back to it again and again, desperate to see what came next. Time and again, though, I ended…

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