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Dying Light 2 Review (Xbox Series X)

Dying Light 2 Review: Taking The Series To New Heights     Dying Light 2 has been a long time coming. Announced at E3 2018, the sequel to Techland’s 2015 open-world survival horror RPG saw numerous delays and lengthy periods of radio silence over the course of its development.…

Rainbow Six Extraction Review (Xbox Series X)

Rainbow Six Extraction Review: Rainbow Six Rogue-lite Is Rip-Roaring Fun, But What About Its Endgame?   Rainbow Six Extraction had me skeptical at first. I’ve been playing Siege for roughly five years, and I absolutely love it. There’s just the right amount of competitiveness, combined with some of my…

The Gunk Review (Xbox Series X)

The Gunk Review: Perfect For Game Pass Game Pass is changing the way the gaming industry works in a million ways, large and small. A game like The Gunk, though, makes me wonder how much it’s starting to impact development. The Gunk is the prototypical “perfect for Game Pass”…

Halo Infinite Review (Xbox Series X)

Stepping Back To Move Forward Twenty years into the evolution of Xbox, no game evokes the brand quite like Halo. It was there from day one, and even after twenty years of industry changes, it is the Xbox game. In recent years though, really since the departure of the…

Chorus Review (Xbox Series X)

Chorus Review: Putting The Harm In Harmony   Chorus is anything but your typical space shooter. Published by Deep Silver and developed by Fishlabs, the game puts players in control of Nara, a former high-ranking cult member who, after being forced to commit a horrible atrocity, joins forces with…

Before We Leave Review (Xbox Series X)

Before We Leave Review: A Cozy 4X Perfect For Consoles Before We Leave is consistently pleasant. Between its adorable look, calming music, and zen gameplay experience, I spent most of my time with it with a slight grin plastered on my face. Some genre fans may balk at the…

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