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Vanquish 10th Anniversary Review (PS4)

“Get outta the way!” Like Bayonetta, there have been very few titles like Vanquish in the last ten years. Those dedicated to PlatinumGames-developed entities could only praise its frantic yet exhilarating action, impressive boss fights, even knee-sliding. And they were right; Vanquish is an excellent fast-paced, super stylish shooter…

Bayonetta 10th Anniversary Remaster Review (PS4)

“Don’t f**k with a witch!” Bayonetta is up there with the best—arguably even the best—hack-‘n-slash action game around. It’s problematic and erratic PS3 port back in 2010 left a false impression – after all, Bayonetta is no mere historical curio. We may have had to wait ten years, but Bayonetta finally…

Azur Lane: Crosswave Review (PC/PS4)

Warship Waifu Wars 2: Electric Booglaoo     A while ago I reviewed Azur Lane, the wildly popular mobile game from Shanghai Manjuu, Xianmen Yongshii, and Shanghai Yostar.  It was a breath of fresh air in an overly predatory, disgustingly oversaturated mobile market constantly fixated on fleecing customers of their hard…

Arc of Alchemist Review (PS4)

A World that Could have Been     Hoo boy. Okay, before I get into this review, let me say (as I know I’ve said before) that I like Idea Factory. A lot, actually. Their games, in general, are quirky, fun, and easily digestible. Ol’ Iffy isn’t perfect, here,…

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review (PS4)

Running On Empty     Gas Guzzlers Extreme feels like a product of gaming’s distant past. From its chunky and generic guitar riffs and one-liners borrowed from Duke Nukem that accompany the on-screen carnage to its roster of racers with such edgy names as “Jaques Strap” and “Mary Juana”,…

Disgaea 4 Complete+ Review (PS4)

Nothing Fishy Here!     Nippon Ichi Software has done pretty well when it comes to pampering both the latest (and arguably greatest) Disgaea title, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, and the game that got the zany, Prinny-filled series started, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Unfortunately, for quite some time, NIS seemed to be…

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