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Maneater Review (PS4)

God Lives Underwater   One part Jaws, one part Grand Theft Auto, Maneater is a sandbox RPG that puts players in control of a baby shark (doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) with an appetite for revenge. After a shark hunter guts your mom and gifts you with a…

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Review (PS4)

Getting back in the Saints Flow of things Although the fourth installment of the Saints Row franchise has my heart, the general consensus amongst fans is that Saints Row: The Third is objectively the best of the bunch. And while I honestly prefer the delightfully deranged gameplay that is…

Obey Me Review (PS4)

Obey Me is a Demon Hunter-Inspired Brawler that Quickly runs into its share of problems.   Developed by Error 404 Game Studios, Obey Me is dungeon-crawling beat-’em-up featuring creepy level designs, hordes of monsters to slay and, of course, a war against the forces of Heaven and Hell. With levels-upon-levels of…

The Last of Us Part II Release Date Confirmed Amid Controversy

The Naughty Dog Favorite is Now Set to Release on June 19th   In a surprise announcement by Sony, the release date for the long-anticipated sequel, The Last Of Us Part II, has been pushed back to June 19th. This news comes after Sony had initially delayed the PS4 exclusive back…

Sakura Wars Review (PS4)

A Solid Encore Performance That Sets The Stage For A Real Showstopper.       Set in a fictionalized, steampunk version of Japan’s Taishō period, Sakura Wars—released as Shin Sakura Wars in Japan—is a soft reboot of SEGA and developer RED Company’s long-running RPG series that first appeared on…

Final Fantasy VII Remake Review (PS4)

A Work of Art   I gotta be upfront and honest for a second here.  I had some difficulty sitting down to write this review.  Part of the issue was pulling myself away from this game to sit down and actually write about it.  The other part was getting…

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