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Wargroove Review (PS4)

Advance Swords     A lot of people jumped onto the Wargroove bandwagon when it was first announced. I was no exception. A spiritual successor to the Advance Wars franchise that not only mimics it in terms of gameplay but graphically as well? How could you call yourself an Advance Wars fan and not be hyped…

Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation Review (PS4)

Girls, Girls, Girls!     The Date A Live franchise has been going strong for almost a decade now. However, if you’ve been living outside of Japan, you might not realize that to be the case. Sure, we’ve gotten the anime adaptation, and… actually, I think that’s about all we’ve gotten.…

SolSeraph Review (PS4)

A Little Ray of Sunshine     I can’t say that I’ve ever come across a game quite like SolSeraph before. At least, not since the halcyon days of the SNES. With most genre combinations having already been tried, and many of them having been done to death at this…

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Review (PS4)

IGAvania is back, and better than ever     I’ve been a little leery of Kickstarters ever since the Mighty No. 9 debacle, which turned into a fiasco almost from the get-go. Looking at the number of projects that never came to be despite tons of money donated was…

Citizens of Space Review (PS4)

Outta this World     Oh, Citizens of Space… where do I even begin with this game? As a spiritual successor to Citizens of Earth, the bar was already set fairly high for it — both in terms of writing and gameplay — and there’s no denying the very real possibility that…

Samurai Showdown Review (PS4)

A Triumphant Return To Form For SNK’s Flagship Weapons Fighter         I have to confess; I was a little worried when SNK first debuted Samurai Shodown ahead of last year’s Tokyo Game Show. As a lifelong fan of the long-running weapons-based fighting series, I was a bit…

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