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NeverAwake Review (PC)

NeverAwake Review: Fight Rem’s Nightmares in This Psychedelic Adventure   One of the fringe benefits of being a game reviewer is that I don’t just get to cover well-known games and series, but I get to cover compelling new titles. Stuff that perhaps the majority of players haven’t heard…

Return to Monkey Island Review (PC)

Return to Monkey Island Review: Thirty Years In The Making I’ve rarely played a game that is going to hit players in so many ways as Return to Monkey Island. The first game in the series in over a decade, with development led by series creator Ron Gilbert whose…

Can Stuntfest – World Tour Revive A Genre On Life Support?

Variety Might Just Be What This Genre Needs I’ve always had a soft spot for destruction derby-style games, but they’ve had a rough go of things in recent years. Maybe even recent decades. Taking a car and smashing it into other cars is generally a good start when it…

You Can Do Almost Anything With A Gunbrella

A Weapon, A Tool, A Mode of Transportation! What Can’t It Do? A gunbrella can be all kinds of things. A gun, a shield, a method of transportation; it’s seemingly whatever the developers at doinksoft want it to be, and Gunbrella is all the better for it. This latest…

The Outbound Ghost Review (PC)

The Outbound Ghost Review: I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!   The original Paper Mario impacted me as a gamer. It managed to differentiate itself from the equally fantastic Super Mario RPG, thanks to a focus on papercraft style, more streamlined combat, and humorous storytelling. Sadly, the longer that…

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame Review (PC)

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame Review: Wanting For Something More There’s something at the core of The Dragoness: Command of the Flame that works, some core to its gameplay that makes me want to take just one more turn and keep pushing forward in its campaign. Maybe it’s…

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