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Bear With Me: The Lost Robots Review (PC)

The Beginning of the Bear       Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is a prequel game to the three-part Bear With Me series. It’s a detective-themed point-and-click adventure game following grizzled, cynical detective “Ted. E. Bear.” In The Lost Robots, Ted is tasked with solving the murder of…

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Review (PC)

Party with the President – Mecha Style!     The original Xbox was a pretty influential console here in America.  It gave us Halo, Xbox Live, and firmly cemented Microsoft in the third seat of the major console manufacturers. The Xbox was primarily western focused, which made obvious sense…

Streets of Rogue Review (PC)

Streets of Rogue is actually MORE chaotic than Streets of Rage   Streets of Rogue is an expression of beautiful insanity. What makes it so beautiful though, is how well ordered it all seems before the chaos begins. The player takes the role of a resistance fighter, battling against…

London Detective Mysteria Review (PC)

The Wonderful World of Miss Whiteley     This review of London Detective Mysteria isn’t my first go-around with the game. Before releasing on the PC, the game enjoyed a period of Vita exclusivity — and it was there that I first enjoyed it. Because of that, the game, and its many…
The Expression Amrilato | Featured

The Expression: Amrilato Review (PC)

A tale of two girls, not only learning to speak with each other but also learning how to express themselves to one another. Will it be a happy ending and what can you learn along the way? Let’s find out.   This game is fascinating. I enjoy games that…

Senran Kagura Reflexions Review (PC)

All the cheesecake, none of the feedback     I don’t really like to consider myself a connoisseur or a purveyor of adult-oriented games, despite what some of my friends may tell you. I do, however, enjoy their content when I do play them, and I can appreciate what…

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