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Artwork for Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review (PC)

Thanks For The Memories Cayde-6   Full disclosure – this isn’t the first time I’ve written this review. In fact, this is probably the third or fourth time since Destiny 2: Forsaken launched that I’ve chopped and changed this piece. Wanna know why? It’s because Bungie, the game’s creators…

The Conjuring House Review (PC)

A house you feel like you’ve visited before     “The Conjuring House is like trying to find your car keys, glasses and remote control for hours while some asshole occasionally yells “boo!” in your ear” was what I complained to our Editor-in-Chief Francis DiPersio after he had tasked…

Deep Sky Derelicts Review (PC)

Lost in Space… Somewhat   I’m going to open this review with the confession that after playing Deep Sky Derelicts for many hours, I’m still not completely sure what it’s about (other than what’s in the title.) There is a lot of dialogue that moves fast, then no dialogue…

Super Seducer 2 Review (PC)

Super Seducer 2: bigger, bolder, dumber and more casually racist than ever before.   Richard LaRuina La-ruined my day when the first Super Seducer fell onto my proverbial desk – a choose-your-own-adventure style FMV game that forced me to endure literal hours of a smug bell-end giving me a…

Gift of Parthax Review (PC)

The Gift of The Gift of Parthax   I’ll admit that gaming and I have been in a bit of a weird place lately. Without naming any specifics, I’ve started to feel like “fun” has been pushed aside to make room for flashy lights and shock value. Luckily, Gift of…

CrossCode Review (PC)

Well Worth the Wait     The time that CrossCode has spent in Steam Early access has been more than enough to label it as being stuck in “development limbo”. While launching (appropriately labeled) incomplete versions of games is a fairly standard practice at this point, Early Access games that…

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