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Unavowed Review (PC)

Spellbindingly Good     Throughout history, many have theorized the existence of ghosts, demons and the supernatural. Unavowed not only delves deep into these subjects – casting you as a part of a team of paranormal investigators in a ghost-and-ghoul-ridden New York – but is also rather supernatural in…

Grimmwood Review (PC)

Enter Grimmwood at Your Own Risk   Honestly, I really wanted to like Grimmwood. The style looked interesting and the premise seemed original. That’s pretty much all I ask from a game. But I suppose you can gather from me saying that I “wanted” to like it, that I have one…

Garage: Bad Trip Review (PC)

B is for Butch   Gratuitous blood. Shock-inducing gore. Terrible acting. Shoddy camerawork. A plot filled enough cheese to endanger your arteries. Alone, these phrases might not mean much. However, if you take a step back and look at them all together, you’ll notice something; they’re all vital parts…

Ys: Memories of Celceta Review (PC)

Journeying Back to the Ancient Forest     Ys: Memories of Celceta was, and still is, one of my top games in the PlayStation Vita’s library. Among some of the other examples of great software on Sony’s ill-fated yet potent handheld, Memories of Celceta is one of the shining examples…

Next Up Hero Review (PC)

Ghosted     I’ve always been a little hesitant when it comes to playing community content-focused games. Games which, rather than focusing on the content which comes with the game, place the bulk of their emphasis on the content which its players create. Don’t get me wrong or anything,…

Touhou: Scarlet Couriosity Review (PC)

Fairies, Oni, Tengu, and Shrine Maidens! Oh My!   Ok. I need to level with you all. I have never played a Touhou game. You can take my Gamer card now. The most I knew about them is that a majority of the games were shooters, bullet hell ones,…

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