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Rise of Industry 2130 Expansion Review (PC)

The future is bleak The year is 2130. The once bustling metropoles humanity had nurtured only 200 years earlier are dead and gone; those who still believed in a future migrated out of the dead cities, their skeletal remains providing sustenance in the form of scrap metals. The clean,…

Superliminal Review (PC)

Perception is Reality I’m going to just come out and say it — any game that executes its core mechanic properly, is visually and audibly appealing, and makes me organically wax philosophical on my own life in a spiritually uplifting way is gonna get a perfect score from me.…

Test Tube Titans Preview

Create. Destroy. Repeat. Two years ago, I was the first person to preview Ghost Time Games’ delightful kaiju hit, Jettomero: Hero Of The Universe, so I really hope I’m continuing my streak here by being the first to preview the solo indie dev’s newest title, Test Tube Titans. Still in…
Dusk Diver | Yumo and Bahet victory pose

Dusk Diver Review (PS4)

Take a dive into Youshanding.   It’s always interesting to find games coming from places one doesn’t ordinarily associate with game development. It seems like the majority of games coming out either come from North America, Japan, or occasionally Europe; it’s uncommon to see games like Dusk Diver, coming…

Citadel: Forged With Fire Review (PC)

Skyrim? On MY Minecraft server? A little over two years ago, I wrote Hey Poor Player’s preview post for Citadel: Forged With Fire while it was still in Early Access, and I’m going to be upfront with you — it feels the same. Perhaps that’s a good thing —…

Killer Chambers Review (PC)

Dodge Shit, Get Hit, Rage Quit, Love It I feel like you all should know that Killer Chambers is the game that brought me back from review retirement. Two years after my last review, I was approached by Village Bench on Twitter to give Killer Chambers a go —…

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