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I Hate Running Backwards Review (PC)

I Hate Running Backwards Into Exploding Barrels      I Hate Running Backwards quite literally turns the shmup genre on its head. While other vertically-scrolling shooters tend to place the player at the bottom of the screen as they blast enemies and dodge waves of bullets coming from above,…

The Land of Glass Review (PC)

As Classy As it is Glassy The thing about glass is that it can be beautiful, ornate and carefully constructed, yet it’s brittle and can shatter suddenly and dramatically. The Land of Glass really personifies this duality. It’s a card battler with beautiful scenery, that looks like a stained glass…

Without Escape Review (PC)

Resident Key-vil I’ve been playing a lot of re-releases of games, as of late. So much, that it seems as though “re-release” is going to end up being my personal gaming theme of 2018 (Last year it was “Persona“). Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a complaint or anything.…

39 Days to Mars Review (PC)

A Steampunk-y Science-Fiction Adventure   39 Days to Mars is a two-player puzzle-adventure game set in Victorian Britain. The two main characters Sir Albert Wickes and Clarence Baxter have gotten bored of living in their bizarre, multiple story house and decide to take a trip to Mars together. Before…

Dead in Vinland Review (PC)

Survive in Vinland – Or Don’t!   Dead in Vinland is a turn-based battle strategy/survival management game with a lot of Nordic Viking goodness! You follow the family of Eirik, an exiled Viking and his family, his wife Blodeuwedd, their daughter Kari (Kari on miehen nimi… the names feel…

Frostpunk Review (PC)

To say that for destruction ice / Is also great / And would suffice 11 bit Studios first made a name for themselves with 2014’s This War Of Mine, which stood out by being not only a great strategy game but also a powerful anti-war narrative, told through a…

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