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Outward Review (PC)

Death!? I Didn’t Ask For Death     When death is of no consequence and all you need is a good night’s rest, a swig of water, and a hand full of berries to bounce back from your express trip to Hades, Immortality exists in a sense in Developer…

Katana Zero Review (PC)

From Zero To Hero   Devolver Digital has made something of a name for themselves over the past several years for publishing titles with a very distinct flavor. Often brash, bloody, and neon-saturated affairs accompanied by pulsing synth arrangements such as Mother Russia Bleeds, Crossing Souls and the iconic…

Bow to Blood: The Last Captain Standing Review (PC)

Bow to Blood – And These Other Jerks!     For a game called Bow to Blood, I have to admit I was expecting a lot more blood and slaughter in this title. True, the situation is violent. What with robots firing missiles at you and a noughties-Nickelodeon style announcer ordering…

Corpse Party: Sweet Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday Bash Review (PC)

Hauntingly Hilarious     Well, Team GrisGris, you did it. I didn’t think that legitimate comedic horror existed. I’ve seen comedic games and movies that parody the horror genre. And I’ve seen and played good horror films and games that aren’t afraid (no pun intended) to occasionally crack a…

Tropico 6 Review (PC)

Totally Tropical and Totally Totalitarian   The satirical tropical Bannana-Republic-em-up series Tropico has been roaring along for five entries now. With the exception of the piratical Tropico 2, each game in the series has cast the player as El Presidente, the ruler of a tiny Caribbean island in the…

Truberbrook Review

Simulated Stop-Motion   In my youth, I’d always enjoyed the old Aardman animations: most famously Wallace and Gromit. Though stop-motion animation was tapering off as a form for special effects on movies, there was something about the authenticity of models and clay that gave them a warmth that really…

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