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Fight Crab Review (Switch)

The First Rule Of Fight Crab Is You Don’t Talk About Fight Crab Fight Crab is, without question, the strangest game I’ve ever played in my entire life. And let me tell you, I’ve played some pretty weird stuff over the past three decades. Developed by Mastiff, Fight Crab…

Evergate Review (Switch)

Platforming through the past Playing Evergate on the heels of Spiritfarer was definitely a good decision — like two sides of the same coin, Spiritfarer dealt with the conclusion of an Earth journey, while Evergate explores the process of beginning life anew. Of course, Evergate is strong enough to stand…

Hotshot Racing Review (Switch)

Running in the ’90s     The ’90s were a magical time.  Technology in gaming was just starting the quantum leap forward from mostly 2D graphics to primarily 3D as the new “in” thing.  Though things started kind of rough, the primitive 3D aesthetic had its own charm in…

Adventures of Pip Review (Switch)

Cheerio!     It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down with a basic platformer. I suppose that isn’t necessarily a bad thing; highly technical platformers, like Mega Man or Shovel Knight, are an absolute blast, and Metroidvanias are essentially my gaming lifeblood. But that doesn’t mean…

Gleamlight Review (Switch)

Caution: Broken Glass Gamers of a certain age might remember a time when getting a new game was more of a risk, especially when it came to console gaming. Generally speaking, games were all roughly the same price of $expensive.99 and return policies weren’t always gracious, so if you…

No Straight Roads Review (Switch)

BunkBed Junction vs. The World I’m a massive fan of rhythm games — I used to compete in DDR tournaments when those were a thing, I (pre-pandemic) go to Japanese arcades specifically to play Taiko no Tatsujin even though I have several versions complete with drums at home, and…

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