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She Remembered Caterpillars Review (Switch)

Broken Dreams, Fractured Reality     It’s been a while since I’ve last played a game like She Remembers Caterpillars. From its simplistic-yet-deep gameplay to its atmospheric presence, to its artistic-yet-melancholy story, almost every aspect about this game is smart, yet slightly pretentious in the same kind of “video games…

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Review (Switch)

Shaky, but Serviceable     Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is okay. I know, I know, that’s literally the most milquetoast, noncommittal way to describe a game, but there’s really not any other way for me to describe it in an honest way. It’s certainly not a bad game. The gameplay was fine, I…

Dragon Marked for Death Review (Switch)

Not quite a masterpiece, Inti Creates’ latest 2D adventure still manages to leave its mark     When it comes to studios cranking out games for the Switch, few have shown quite the same enthusiasm as Inti Creates. In the just over two years since the console’s launch, the…

Yoshi’s Crafted World Review (Switch)

Made with Love     I’m going to begin this review by answering a question that I’m sure that a lot of you have had on your minds when it comes to this game; no, Yoshi’s Crafted World is not the “true” Yoshi’s Island sequel that we’ve been looking for. I’m not sure…

Mechstermination Force Review (Switch)

Mech-Mulching Mayhem Is In Season On Switch!   Run and gun shooters have been a favorite genre of mine since the olden days of Contra. Interestingly enough though, after the release of Contra Hard Corps, I came to realize that for as much as I enjoy sprinting through stages…

Neo ATLAS 1469 Review (Switch)

Not-So-Dreary Flat Earth Theory     I’ll be the first to admit that Neo ATLAS 1469 appeared to be well out of my wheelhouse when I began playing it. I’m terrible with maps (to put it lightly), have little interest in the old world, and almost never play simulation games.…

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