Nintendo Switch

Panzer Dragoon: Remake Review (Switch)

Enter The Dragoon.   You’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit of a mess right now. It’s been a crazy day. While just this morning, I was whipping up a story about veteran Panzer Dragoon composer Saori Kobayashi reprising her role for the Panzer Dragoon: Remake, Polish publisher…

La-Mulana 1 & 2 Review (Switch)

Generations of Fun     Boy, things sure are a little crazy right now, aren’t they? I’m, um, sure that you’ve noticed that yourself, though (unless you’re reading this way off in the future, I guess). With all of this staying at home and riding things out business going…

Langrisser 1 & 2 Review (Switch, PS4)

NISA and Chara-Ani breathe new life into a pair of SRPG classics.   When you think of classic console strategy RPGs, games like Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics might be some of the first that spring to mind. However, while these are undoubtedly some of the most famous…

Rune Factory 4 Special Review (Switch)

A Harvest Worth Celebrating     Remember how I said that I was really enjoying this game last week in my preview? Well, guess what? I’ve been playing it more than ever since then, and, well, my opinion hasn’t changed at all. …Actually, you know what? That’s a lie.…

SEGA AGES Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Review (Switch)

& Knuckles Although I cut my teeth playing my dad’s PC and NES before I could even read, I started to really take an interest in video games in the early ’90s thanks to the SEGA Genesis. And why not? With the coolest console war in full swing, it…
Puyo Puyo 2

Sega Ages Puyo Puyo 2 Review (Switch)

Send Me Your Garbage     If you consider yourself a fan of Sega, then you probably know what Sega Ages is.  For the uninformed, Sega Ages is a series of video game ports and compilations published by Sega themselves.  These ports cover both the Sega arcade and home…

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