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Root Film Review (Switch)

Rooted in Greatness     I remember being excited all the way back in 2016 when Kadokawa Games first announced their “Kadokawa Mystery Game” line and introduced us to Root Letter. It held up well back then, and it still held up when I decided to play through it last year.…

R-Type Final 2 Review (Switch)

Back In the Pilot’s Seat       Finality is a funny concept, especially in video games. We hate the idea of something being over. Hell, look at how many games take place in the so-called Final Fantasy series! But I never thought R-Type would toy with that concept.…

Death end re;Quest Review (Switch)

A Welcome Return Trip     Death end re;Quest is great. I played it back when it was first released and loved it, I had a blast reviewing Death end re;Quest 2, and I was more than happy to jump at the chance to review it when it came out on…

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect Review (Switch)

Crime Never Pays   I haven’t played a lot of visual novels. But recently, they’ve been growing on me quite a bit. So I decided to give Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect from Crime Opera Studios, Ratalaika Games and eastasiasoft a try. While mafia crime stories aren’t typically my…

New Pokémon Snap Review (Switch)

Get Your Cameras Ready!   While I hope this doesn’t come across as grandiose, here goes: I feel like I was destined to review New Pokémon Snap. After all, I’ve been an early adopter of Pokémon since the very beginning. I still remember taking my Game Boy to school,…

Devil Slayer Raksasi Review (Switch)

Draw Your Blade!         I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Devil Slayer Raksasi. I didn’t know anything about the game or its developers before taking it for review, other than it was top-down and had really cool portrait art. Even then, I was still…

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