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JUJU Review (Xbox 360)

This Jungle Looks Familiar- JUJU gives players perhaps too good an idea of what the creators have been playing lately. I’ve never been a huge fan of calling a game “a cross between thing X and thing Y.” It often depreciates the value of the actual game being discussed,…

MX Vs. ATV Supercross Review (Xbox 360)

Reboot Your Engines – MX Vs. ATV Supercross gets the job done but doesn’t give much else. Of all the properties Nordic Games acquired when THQ went under, it comes as a surprise the first title they brought back was MX Vs. ATV when there are many more mass…

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Review: Don’t Touch That Dial (Xbox 360)

Ultimax delivers a second round knockout.   It’s been two years since Persona 4 Arena successfully slugged its way onto the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, turning Atlus’ flagship roleplaying series into a more than competent spinoff slugfest. Now, Arc System Works and Atlus have returned to the ring…

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!!! (Xbox 360)

A boy and his dog. A tale that has persisted throughout all of man's time on Earth. But, few human boys have had a mustard yellow dog that bends across pits, pimp-slaps his enemies, and roughhouses with him through 100 levels of dungeon. That is, until now.

Dark Review (Xbox 360)

Dark: a vampire stealth game that was almost good.

Bioshock Infinite Review (Xbox 360)

Atop the Lighthouse. Studying history can be a lot like stepping into another world. Read enough books and historical accounts, see enough movies, learn enough about the culture of a particular time and place, and it isn’t too hard to imagine stepping into that point in history. I’m that…

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