I Hate Running Backwards Review (PC)

I Hate Running Backwards Into Exploding Barrels      I Hate Running Backwards quite literally turns the shmup genre on its head. While other vertically-scrolling shooters tend to place the player at the bottom of the screen as they blast enemies and dodge waves of bullets coming from above,…

Banned Board Games: What Shall I Be?

In this installment of Banned Board Games, we look at a game that was, on reflection, very poorly thought through. The sixties' career game What Shall I Be? aimed to be empowering to young women, but when looked upon in detail turned out to be incredibly patronizing and undeniably…

Laser League Review (Xbox One)

In a Laser League of its own   Laser League is a competitive multiplayer arena battler that has really brought something different to the genre. It combines quick decision making, complex stage designs, and multiple play style to provide something totally fresh. Laser League takes a few rounds to…

Raging Justice Review (Switch)

A  Back-alley Brawl That Misses The Mark       If there’s one thing I love, it’s side-scrolling beat ’em ups. It’s not a secret. I’ve been proudly proclaiming my fondness for the genre that Double Dragon built from the top of the mountain that is Hey Poor Player…

Dragon’s Crown Pro Review (PS4)

4K-Sharpened Swords and Sorcery   When it first released back in 2013, Dragon’s Crown was quite the treat. Developed by Odin Sphere and Muramasa developer Vanillaware, the game delivered an irresistible fusion of old school beat ’em up and RPG mechanics combined with a striking hand-drawn art style that…

Wild Guns Reloaded Review (Switch)

16-bit Bounty Hunting Never Felt So Good       After successfully launching on the PlayStation 4 and PC, Natsume has finally decided to bring Wild Guns Reloaded to the Switch, giving prospective gunslingers the chance to mow down hordes of biomechanical bandits and dastardly desperados from the comfort…

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