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Fire Pro. Wrestling S: 6 Man Scramble Retro Review (Sega Saturn)

I fell in to a burning ring of fire!   I’ve been a big wrestling fan and for years and years, and I had heard how brilliant the Fire Pro. Wrestling games were. Their heritage goes right back to the Famicom in Japan and the series continued on the…

Bubble Trouble Retro Review (Atari Lynx)

I’m forever blowing bubbles!   Bubble Trouble is one of many aftermarket releases for the Lynx by well known mail order company Telegames. The game was originally programmed for Atari themselves by Lore Design, who also made Fat Bobby, Kung Food and Hot Dog for the Lynx. But although…

Vindicators Retro Review (NES)

Tank you very much!   Vindicators was originally a 1988 arcade game by Atari, which was fairly successful and subsequently followed by a sequel the year after (though this sequel was more of an update of the original than a brand new game). This popularity led to a host…

Surf City Retro Review (Philips CD-i)

Surf’s up dudes!   The first thing we have to try and remember about the Philips CD-i is that it was never actually designed as a games console. The CD-i truly was the first ever multimedia machine. The plan was that this box would replace your VCR, CD player,…

Ultimate Qix Retro Review (Sega Mega Drive)

I get a Qix out of you! Anyone who frequented amusement arcades in the early ‘80s will no doubt remember Taito’s classic Qix (pronounced “Kicks”), a rather strange but furiously addictive strategy puzzle game. While others out there may recall Qix’s conversions and clones for the home market such…

Robinson’s Requiem Retro Review (Atari Jaguar CD)

And here’s to you, Mr. Robinson!   Poor game-starved Jaguar CD owners were waiting over 15 years for the release of this game. A conversion of the Atari ST, Amiga, PC and Falcon game of the same name: Robinson’s Requiem was due to be a launch title for the…

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