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Dead or Alive Retro Review (Sega Saturn)

Dead or Alive you’re coming with me! When you consider the popularity of the Dead or Alive series and add in how amazing this Saturn version is, both technically and in playability terms, it is criminal that this game was never released outside of Japan. Over the years the…

Tron: Deadly Discs Retro Review (Mattel Intellivision)

Set foot into a virtual world and be the last man standing! Disney’s (now) cult movie Tron might have bombed at the box office upon release, but that didn’t stop Mattel milking their expensive licence for everything it was worth releasing no less than three different games based on…

Return of the Jedi Retro Review (Atari ST)

This is your last chance, free us or die! Although Return Of The Jedi was the third Star Wars movie, from the original trilogy that is, it was actually the second arcade game based on the films. Developed in-house at Atari Games and officially approved by Lucasfilm themselves, it…

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Retro Review (Sega Master System)

But it’s not your last crusade Indy is it? As well splashing “INDY” in giant letters above the real title, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for the Sega Master System is actually subtitled “The Action Game” too. This is because U.S. Gold and Lucasfilm also released a point…

Soccer Kid Retro Review (Atari Jaguar)

Show us your fancy footwork, kid! One of the many after market releases for the Jaguar by Songbird Productions, this platformer was originally supposed to be part of Ocean Software’s 64-bit catalogue. Soccer Kid originated on the Amiga before being converted to pretty much every platform of the time.…

Monkey Academy Retro Review (ColecoVision)

Stop monkeying around over there! Whenever people try to combine education and gaming it usually goes horribly wrong. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover Monkey Academy for the ColecoVision, a game that gets the balance between the two just right. Even more interestingly, it was developed by the…

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