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Viking Raiders Retro Review (ZX Spectrum)

May Odin give you knowledge on your path! As many people know, my first ever computer was that quintessentially British masterpiece the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, a quirky 8-bit machine that anyone outside of Europe just doesn’t understand. But what a lot of people don’t know are the reasons why…

Gain Ground SX Retro Review (PC Engine Super CD-ROM)

No pain, no gain! Many of you out there will more likely remember Gain Ground for the Sega Mega Drive, or perhaps the Master System, where it was released in all regions to critical acclaim. Very few people seem to remember the original 1988 arcade game, and even less…

Ant Eater Retro Review (Atari XL/XE)

Have you got ants in your pants? The most interesting thing about Ant Eater, a fairly obscure game for the Atari 8-bit computers, is that is was programmed by none other than Ed Fries. For those that don’t know, he’s the man who would later become the Vice President…

WWF Rage in the Cage Retro Review (Sega Mega CD)

Feel my rage in thy cage! By 1993 officially licensed WWF (now known as WWE) games were certainly not a new thing. Acclaim had held the exclusive license to produce them now for several years and they were steadily getting better. So with the enhanced power of Sega’s Mega…

Woody Pop Retro Review (Sega Game Gear)

Balls to the wall! I have said it many times before and I am sure I will say it many times again but every system needs a good Breakout/Arkanoid clone. It’s one of my favourite genres and the type of title that you can just pick up and play…

Yopaz Ice Star Retro Review (Atari Jaguar CD)

When you wish upon a star! This relatively new homebrew title for the Jag CD is actually a sequel to one of the earliest Jaguar homebrews produced, the highly addictive Diam Jag by OrionSoft. In fact if you count the 3D version of the game that also appeared, called…

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