Shin chan switch

Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation -The Endless Seven-Day Journey- Review (Switch)

Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation -The Endless Seven-Day Journey- Review: Ass dance! Ass dance! If you know anything about Shin Chan, it’s likely for one of two reasons: one, you’ve actually read/watched the original Crayon Shin Chan, or two, you’ve seen one of the many translations…

Thymesia Review (PC)

Thymesia Review: A Journey to Remember     I’ve always considered the Soulslike subgenre to be the contemporary equivalent of the Metroidvania subgenre. Neither Dark Souls nor Castlevania: Symphony of the Night/Super Metroid were responsible for creating their primary genres (action RPGs and platformers, respectively) but instead used their base…
super bullet break

Super Bullet Break Review (Switch)

Super Bullet Break Review: A Gruelling, Addictive Deck Builder   I’ve lost a lot of hours to various deck builders over the past few years. It’s a genre that’s arguably become oversaturated, as well as dominated by a few heavy hitters such as recent success stories Slay the Spire,…

Rollerdrome Review (PS5)

Rollerdrome Review: Nearing Nirvana With style to spare and a flow that, at its best, feels like video game nirvana, Rollerdrome should be right up my alley. I love little more than the sort of game you can slip into so deeply that the controller feels like an extension…
Saints Row

Saints Row Review (PS5)

Saints Row Review: When the Saints come murderin’ in I think there’s a misconception about what defines the Saints Row franchise. Plenty of people remember the earliest titles and recall them being something closer to a GTA clone, while those who jumped in at the third installment recognize it…

SENSEs: Midnight Review (PC)

SENSEs: Midnight Review: Better Left Ghosted   When the wild amalgamation of cyberpunk, ghosts, and Japanese inspiration was presented to me in the form of SENSEs: Midnight, I was optimistic that many promising themes were coming together for some high-tech ghost-hunting missions in my favorite kind of locale. What…

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