Touhou Spell Bubble

TOUHOU Spell Bubble Review (Switch)

TOUHOU Spell Bubble Review: Touhou Project meets Puzzle Bobble! It’s been over a year since TOUHOU Spell Bubble initially released in the U.S., but November 18, 2021 marks an important date for the saccharine sweet party puzzler. Fans who have been begging for a few features have asked and…

The Caligula Effect 2 Review (Switch)

An Encore Worth Waiting For     Music has always been a major part of my life in some form or another, and the ability for music to convey thoughts, feelings, and stories is something that I’ve always been incredibly enamored with. Because of this, it’s probably not surprising…
Megaquarium Architect's Collection

Megaquarium: Architect’s Collection DLC Review (PC)

Megaquarium: Architect’s Collection Review: Fishing for customers When it first released in 2018, Megaquarium proved itself to be a fish aficionado’s dream (a-fish-ionado?). An aquarium tycoon game where players can create and manage their own aquatic zoos, Megaquarium drew in both tycoon/business management sim fans and… okay yeah, let’s use…

Hell Road VR Review (PC)

Hell Road VR Review: Running On Fumes     Sputtering in atop a rusty steel horse, Hell Road VR is as lifeless as the scores of shambling zombies you’ll encounter on your blood-soaked tour of the American West. Set amid a zombie apocalypse, the game puts players in the…

Battlefield 2042 Review (Xbox Series X)

Battlefield 2042 Review: Upping The Ante   The latest installment in EA and DICE’s long-running shooter series, Battlefield 2042, aims to take the action in a bold new direction. Leaving behind the historical settings of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V, the game transports players to a dystopian near-future world…
Hermitage Strange Case Files

Hermitage: Strange Case Files Review (PC)

Hermitage: Strange Case Files Review: Chinese Cosmic Horror When the topic of horror games comes up, it’s easy to think about the classic titles that make us jump — or, in the very least, get our heart rates going from all the action-packed danger we constantly find ourselves in.…

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