Ghostwire: Tokyo Review (PS5)

Ghostwire: Tokyo Review: An Atmospheric Power Fantasy You might expect a game about spirits taking over Tokyo and leaving no humans behind to be a horror game, but Ghostwire: Tokyo has other ambitions. While certainly atmospheric and at times creepy, it flips the script from survival horror titles that…

The Alien Cube Review (PC)

The Alien Cube Review: So Close to Stellar You know, sometimes life just requires a virtual walk in the park, and The Alien Cube certainly seemed eager to give me one right out of the gate. See some nature, visit a couple of ruins, and sometimes come across ancient…

Submerged: Hidden Depths Review (PC)

Submerged: Hidden Depths Review: A Real Gem Hiding Amongst the Waves There’s always something bittersweet about exploring ruins of a ravaged modern-day world. Looking around at once was, now left in shambles with nobody around to tend to it anymore. Few things incur wanderlust for me than the post-apocalypse…

Triangle Strategy Review (Switch)

Triangle Strategy Review: Old Grudges, New Conflict Triangle Strategy is the story of three nations who have been at each other’s throats for decades, fitting considering the game’s title. They’ve fought for so long that old grudges have hardened, and peace seems nearly impossible. Yet somehow, at the start…

The Ramp Review (Switch)

The Ramp Review: A Bite-Sized Gem The Ramp was perhaps my favorite small-scale experience of 2021, and now it can be the same for 2022 as it releases on the Nintendo Switch. It’s much the same experience it was last year, now on a platform which is perhaps even…
prose and codes

Prose & Codes Review (PC)

Prose & Codes Review: what’s in a word (again)? The older I get, the more I find I gravitate towards word games. Maybe I’m just getting boring, but when I find myself having difficulty picking up a game but want to play something new, a word game is the…

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