Kill the Bad Guy Review (PC)

So….I Killed the Bad Guy While He Was Watching Porn….     Well hello kiddies! Are you looking for a fun game that marches to the beat of a different drum? One that allows you to use that big ‘ole brain sack of yours to punish the evil doers…

Watch_Dogs Review (PS4)

Who Watches the Watchmen? I DO! Everything is connected. That’s the theme of Ubisoft’s newest release, Watch_Dogs. The game centers around a man with a criminal past on a path of revenge. It sounds like every game released from GTA 3 up – but Watch_Dogs is definitely it’s own game.…

Transistor Review (PC)

Transistor gives a vision of an interconnected world.   We live in a technological world. We carry our phones everywhere as our central means of contact with everyone, and everything from cash registers to cars are quickly becoming more and more computerized. Hell, I’m writing this on a computer,…

Squids Odyssey Review (Wii U)

Inkblot Slingshot Today’s adventure takes us far under the sea. No, not to Spongebob Squarepants. I can see you all getting your jokes ready already, so calm down. No, the game here is not sponges, but rather squids. These tentacled denizens of the deep can be anywhere from adorable…

The Last Door Review (PC)

All You Need is Lovecraft   When reviewing games, you’ll often come across something that can be reviewed in a fairly standard manner. “I liked thing A, thing B, and thing C, but didn’t like things D through F,” and so on. You can still do fun things with the…

Dead Space Review (PS3)

This is dead space! It is deceased! It is an ex-space!   In 1997, Paramount Pictures decided to traumatize an entire generation of filmgoers by releasing Event Horizon; a sci-fi horror flick about a mysteriously vanished space-faring vessel suddenly returning and filled to the brim with untold horror after…

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