Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call Review (3DS)

Encore! Encore!   When Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Final Mix Curtain Call in Japan, I was a bit skeptical at first. After all, Square has had a long history of re-releasing games with extra content that never saw the light of day outside of Japan. But both Final Fantasy lovers and…

Run Like Hell! Review (Vita)

Run Like Hell! gives fast food a whole new meaning   Run Like Hell! Polish developer Mass Creation’s 2012 iOS endless runner has jogged its way onto the Playstation Vita. Developed by the team behind the hyperviolent action survival title Draw Slasher, this colorful adaptation of the mobile game…

Train Fever Review (PC)

Full Steam Simulation – Going off the rails on a crazy train Over the years I have played a lot of video games and chances are if you are reading this you probably have as well. So when it comes to games it takes something pretty darn special to…

Boo Bunny Plague Review (PC)

Goofs and Guitars Remember those games that released around the turn of the century that put more stock in humor and quirk than solid gameplay or mechanical substance? I do. I think we all remember Deer Avenger. Was it a good game? Absolutely not. Was it funny? Well, okay…

Azure Striker GUNVOLT Review (3DS)

Experience the revival of the hardcore action-platformer in the adrenaline-pumping Azure Striker GUNVOLT for the Nintendo 3DS   While the days of Mega Man have seemingly come to an end, Keiji Inafune – the “father” of Mega Man – has done his best to make sure that the spirit…
Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend Review (PC)

Set My Heart Aflutter If there’s one thing the Japanese game industry creates more than anything else, it’s dating sims. The genre is a big thing over there, as everyone wants their own kawaii waifu to caress lovingly through the static veil of their computer screen and suspiciously sticky…

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