Bioshock Infinite Review (Xbox 360)

Atop the Lighthouse. Studying history can be a lot like stepping into another world. Read enough books and historical accounts, see enough movies, learn enough about the culture of a particular time and place, and it isn’t too hard to imagine stepping into that point in history. I’m that…

Tomb Raider Review (PS3)

Raiding Reborn   Crystal Dynamics has done an elegant job of connecting us to Lara Croft in a origin story told through beautiful environments, moving character performances, and top-notch game mechanics. I’ve read a number of other reviews online about Tomb Raider and I feel that it’s necessary…

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review (Xbox 360)

Enlsaved: Odyssey to the West is an over-the-top, action packed journey through post-apocalyptic America. Oh yeah, you can also shoot/punch robots in the face!

Fire Emblem: Awakening Review (3DS)

Emblem of Thrones.   The medieval epic fantasy is overplayed. Let’s just get that out of the way. If you try to sell me a game about a knight running around saving princesses and killing dragons, without any sort of twist, chances are good that I won’t like it.…

inFamous Review (PS3) (Late to the Game)

In 2009, Sucker Punch decided that while Sly Cooper was a good little money maker, they’d like to expand a little, move into another realm so to speak. They wanted a hero that could still tight rope walk, still collect widgets and still hide behind things. But, this time,…

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review (Xbox 360)

“Game over, man! Game over!” There’s no doubt about it, Aliens: Colonial Marines has had a difficult development cycle. After six years (or half a Duke Nukem game’s gestation period’s worth) of troubled development and delays Sega and Gearbox Software’s take on the Aliens franchise has finally arrived, but…

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