Squids Odyssey Review (Wii U)

Inkblot Slingshot Today’s adventure takes us far under the sea. No, not to Spongebob Squarepants. I can see you all getting your jokes ready already, so calm down. No, the game here is not sponges, but rather squids. These tentacled denizens of the deep can be anywhere from adorable…

The Last Door Review (PC)

All You Need is Lovecraft   When reviewing games, you’ll often come across something that can be reviewed in a fairly standard manner. “I liked thing A, thing B, and thing C, but didn’t like things D through F,” and so on. You can still do fun things with the…

Dead Space Review (PS3)

This is dead space! It is deceased! It is an ex-space!   In 1997, Paramount Pictures decided to traumatize an entire generation of filmgoers by releasing Event Horizon; a sci-fi horror flick about a mysteriously vanished space-faring vessel suddenly returning and filled to the brim with untold horror after…

Child of Light Review (PC)

Gorgeous Emptiness   Child of Light feels like the Indie lovechild of Rayman and Grandia. It combines the UbiArt engine (employed in the development of Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends) with a turn-based combat system that would feel at home in most Japanese RPGs of old. I’m an adoring…

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Review (PC)

A Case of Perfection Adventure fans, rejoice! After taking an extended 16 year hiatus from cracking some of the hardest cases in New San Francisco,  Tex Murphy is back. Last seen in 1998’s Tex Murphy: Overseer, the trenchcoat-clad star of the classic  adventures Under a Killing Moon and The…

War of the Vikings Review (PC)

A risky raid.     In an ancestral mead hall in Scandanavia, a brave group of warriors take their axes and sing prayers to Odin. They assemble at the longboats with a lust for glory in their hearts. They are a plucky young swedish development studio called Fatshark, setting…

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