Kombinera Review (Switch)

Kombinera Review: Rolling Toward Greatness     I must love feeling like an idiot. It’s the only explanation for why I enjoy puzzle games as much as I do. “Simple to learn, difficult to master” has long been the mantra of a good puzzler, and Kombinera perfectly exemplifies it.…

Lila’s Sky Ark Review (Switch)

Lila’s Sky Ark review: A Wild Ride Through a Drug-Induced Fever Dream   As someone who hasn’t done much recreational mind expansion, I’m not really sure what it feels like to drop acid. But after playing Lila’s Sky Ark, I feel like the people that developed it might have…
Ayo the Clown

Ayo The Clown Review (PS5)

Ayo The Clown Review: Clowning Around   I’m a sucker for a 2D platformer. They’re the ultimate form of gaming comfort food, which, when done right, take me back to a simpler time in gaming where the only goal was to make it to the end of a level…

Sokobos Review (PC)

Sokobos Review: all Greek to me! You gotta hand it to the Greek gods — they sure had a flair for the dramatic! Whether it was turning people into animals because they did the nasty with them, turning people into animals because they didn’t do the nasty with them……

Cat Cafe Manager Review (Switch)

Cat Cafe Manager Review: Full of Pawsitivity and Pawsibilities   Have you ever wanted to live that crazy cat-person life? Have you wanted that life without the social stigma associated with it? Or do you just really, really like cats? If the answer to any of those questions is…

Defend the Rook Review (Switch)

Defend the Rook Review: A Solid Foundation in Need of More Bolstering     One thing that I’ve always found particularly cool about video games is just how much potential there is to mix and match genres. From sims to racing games to platformers and beyond, the possibilities aren’t…

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