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Unpacking Review (PS5)

Unpacking Review: A Lot To Unpack I found it funny that as I checked out the new PS5 release of Unpacking, I was sitting in my own new home, surrounded by boxes I probably should have been unpacking. While this doesn’t speak well to my time management skills, the…

Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Review (PC)

Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Review: An Unlikely Revival Brigandine for the PlayStation is one of those games I’ve wanted to get to for the last 25 years, but also one that’s seemingly become an eternal part of my backlog. What can I say, there were way too many…

Postal 4: No Regerts Review (PC)

If You Buy Postal 4 Then You’ll Regert It     The very first Postal was a dark, disturbing portrait of a man descending into madness and going on a homicidal killing spree. Postal 2 skewed in the other direction, being much more of a goofy, satirical open-world game,…

Dungeons of Dreadrock Review (Switch)

Dungeons of Dreadrock Review: Mired in Mysteries     Dungeons of Dreadrock developer Prof. Dr. Christoph Minnameier wanted players to “relive memories of oldschool dungeon crawlers, like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder,” when he created his game. While Dungeons of Dreadrock does have aspects in common with…

Hardware Review: Playdate

Playdate Review: A Breath Of Fresh Air Incarnate The Playdate is a weird system to review because it’s going to be a very different experience for very different audiences. For some players, this adorable little system would be a borderline waste of money. For others, it’s going to put…

Insurmountable Review (PC)

Insurmountable Review: I’ll give you summit to (perma)die about Ahhh, the great outdoors! Nothing beats it. The air is crisp, the the snow is fresh, the mountains are calling, the time loop is pulling people in, the… wait, what? Oh, yeah, the time loop. Yeah so that’s a thing…

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