Dandy & Randy DX Review (Switch)

Dandy & Randy DX Review: Goof Troop Redux     I’m not sure exactly why, but I felt compelled to play Dandy & Randy DX ever since I heard about it. And not just because the title reminded me of Randy Rainbow cosplaying as a cowboy. The early images…

This War of Mine: Final Cut Review (PS5)

This War of Mine: Final Cut Review: A Game of True Horror I always laugh when something is called a final cut or a final version of something. As long as there are developers out there interested in a game, with a potential incentive to tweak something popular, there’s…
Eiyuden Chronicle

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review (PS5)

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review: A Gorgeous Appetiser For Suikoden Fans   Okay Suikoden fans, calm yourself. This isn’t the Suikoden spiritual successor, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, which is currently being developed by some of the top talents behind the beloved JRPG series. Instead, what we have here is Eiyuden Chronicle:…

Salt and Sacrifice Review (PC)

Salt and Sacrifice Review: Pleasure That’s Worth the Pain     It was just a little over a month ago that I previewed the long-awaited sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, Salt and Sacrifice. My time with the sequel’s demo was short, covering about half of the first area, a handful of…

Re:Turn 2 – Runaway Review (PC)

Re:Turn 2 – Runaway Review – On the Right Track     Back in 2020, Red Ego games released a horror title called Re:Turn – One Way Trip. It was a short little game about a girl named and her friends who, while camping, come across and subsequently decide to…

Kraken Academy!! Review (Switch)

Kraken Academy!! Review: School’s in session! Boy, you sure do have it rough. You’re being sent to a new boarding school with your snotty older sister who seems to live only for the finer things in life while making your own miserable. Just great! To make matters worse, she’s…

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