Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review (Switch)

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review: Turning Things Around Xenoblade has to be one of the more unexpected success stories in Nintendo’s history. It took a massive fan campaign to even get the original game released in the United States, which seems absurd when it already had an English translation but…

Midnight Fight Express Review (PC)

Midnight Fight Express Review: A Dynamic Duo When the leader of the criminal underworld is set to complete their full takeover of a city by morning, you’d think it was time to call in the big guns and save the day. In Midnight Fight Express though, the big guns…

Soul Hackers 2 Review (PS5)

Soul Hackers 2 Review: A Digital Delight     The Shin Megami Tensei series has produced quite a few spinoff series over the year (with SMT almost falling into spinoff territory itself). From the long-running, wildly popular Persona , to lesser-known ones like Devil Survivor, ATLUS has a pretty long…

GigaBash Review (PS5)

GigaBash Review: Happy Together I love a game that knows what it is and who it’s for. GigaBash is a game almost everyone can jump into and be having fun with after only a few minutes, but it isn’t a game I can recommend strongly to all players. That’s…
Book Quest

Book Quest Review (Switch)

Book Quest Review: A Charming Indie Throwback   To look at Book Quest you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a straight-up Zelda clone, and, to an extent, it often feels that way when playing. What you might be surprised to hear, however, is that not only does this lean on the…

Ground Divers Review (Switch)

Ground Divers Review: Energy Is The Key Ground Divers surprised me very early on. From looking at screenshots, I mostly assumed I was playing a game a lot like Mr. Driller, a puzzle series I tend to enjoy. This left me pretty surprised when Ground Divers started with a…

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