Sorcerer King Preview – Broken World

  As far as 4x games go, Sorcerer King is unique: where most games in the genre see the player vying for total control with other players, Sorcerer King takes place after an evil warmonger has conquered the world and all but destroyed civilization. The player is tasked instead…
Alphadia Genesis

Alphadia Genesis Preview

A first step taken into Alphadia Genesis, and its fusion of swords and science. As 2014 winds down to its conclusion, it’s time to set our sights onward to next year. 2015 is set to be a huge year for games, but one of the first releases of the…
There Was a Caveman

There was a Caveman Preview

A Dinosaur Walks Into a Club – Come out swinging with primordial platforming in There Was a Caveman You are the last living caveman in a world surrounded by dinosaurs. As incredible as hanging out with dinosaurs could be you’re  bound to get lonely. Turns out they’re not the…

Final Week to Save the King!

Yes, Your Grace needs your help as it enters final week of Kickstarter! Brave at Night Studios has entered the final week of their Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming king simulator Yes, Your Grace.   Yes, Your Grace was officially Greenlit by the Steam community in just two weeks…
Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park Kickstarter Nears Close, iOS/Android Stretch Goal

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick’s Thimbleweed Park makes a last push for further success.   After only six days on Kickstarter, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick of Maniac Manson fame, achieved its $375k goal. Funds will be going towards the development of a point & click adventure game for…

Yes, Your Grace Preview

I am your King! Well I Didn’t Vote For You – More than a chair simulator, Yes, Your Grace puts you in the throne of duty. Huddersfield, UK developer Brave at Night has announced their first game Yes, Your Grace. Yes, Your Grace is a culmination of strategy and…

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