PAX West 2022: Rogue Games Hands-On Preview

Going Rogue Has Never Been This Fun   There was a wealth of indie games to explore at PAX West this year. But one of the publishers I was most excited to meet up with was none other than Rogue Games. Lately whenever I discover a promising new indie…

PAX West 2022: Slave Zero X Hands-On Preview

Fight Against Biopunk Horror In This Dystopian Future   Sometimes when you’re at a convention, certain games just speak to you. I must have walked past the booth for Slave Zero X a half dozen times before I finally listened to the voice in my head screaming at me…

PAX West 2022: Mr. Sun’s Hatbox Hands-On Preview

Taking On Time Delivery To a Whole New Level   I knew that I had to stop by the Raw Fury booth at some point during PAX West. After all, they publish a lot of really cool and eclectic indie titles, and that’s kind of my focus. While I…

PAX West 2022: Grim Guardians: Demon Purge Hands-On Impressions

Grim Guardians Is a Bloody Good Time   While nearly all of my already published PAX West pieces were for games I had appointments to demo, sometimes you have to make time for the unexpected. In my case, that took the form of Grim Guardians: Demon Purge at the…

PAX West 2022: Thunderful Hands-On Preview

Thunderful Makes it Rain at PAX West   As a fan of all things indie and pretty much any sort of compelling new vision, I was more than happy to stop by the Thunderful booth at PAX West. They had several games on display, though for the purposes of…

PAX West 2022: Wadjet Eye Games Hands-On Preview

Something Sinister and Atmospheric From Wadjet Eye   If you thought HPP was done with adventure games after covering Third Eye Open and Varney Lake, you were dead wrong! When Wadjet Eye Games attends a convention, we make sure to try and meet up. And this year at PAX…

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