Waylanders Steam

The Waylanders Preview (PC)

Do you know the Way(landers)? It’s been about nine months since The Waylanders first graced Steam Early Access, and development on this fantasy RPG with tactical elements has been chugging along at a strong, steady pace since June 2020. A successful Kickstarter project turned reality, The Waylanders is being headed…

Bravery Network Online Preview (PC)

When Style and Substance Meet   No, Bravery Network Online isn’t the latest Cartoon Network show, though it certainly looks like it could be. Developed by Gloam Collective (which is just an awesome name), Bravery Network Online offers a lot of entertainment for an Early Access game. While I was…

Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Open Beta Preview (PS4)

The Smell of the Game     As an avid fan and a longtime player of anime fighting games, it goes without saying that I was beyond excited to get my chance to play the Guilty Gear -STRIVE-  open beta and release my inner gear on unsuspecting players. Once…

Tinytopia Preview (PC)

The toys are back in town The great thing about the Steam Game Festival is that there are so many new demos to try. The not-so-great thing about the Steam Game Festival is that time often runs out before you can really take advantage of all of them. I…

Doors of Insanity Preview (PC)

Pick a Door, Any Door…   Another Indie has been on my radar for a while now. Yet somehow, I kept missing out on opportunities to cover games published by them. Which is unfortunate, since so many of those titles really appeal to my sensibilities. But that negative trend…

Steel Assault Preview (PC)

Grab Your Electro Whip and Get Fighting!   I’ve been curious about Steel Assault since I first covered the announcement of the game a few months ago. It looked stylistically like a lost gem from the SNES or Sega Genesis. And sure, I was heartened by the fact Tribute…

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