Gamescom 2022: Espire 2 Hands-on Preview

Cumbersome combat doesn’t mar this co-op, Metal Gear Solid-styled VR experience. Espire 2 isn’t afraid to wear its inspirations on its sleeve. In fact, when I met developer Digital Lode at Gamescom to try out the upcoming stealth VR title, they admitted as much. But to say the stealth…

Marauders Makes Extraction Looters More Accessible Without Compromising on Difficulty

Escape From Starkov It’s easy to compare the new early access title Mauraders to Escape from Tarkov. Sure, both are extraction-based looter shooters, they both have hardcore combat, they’re both PvEvP, and they’re both in early access –  but I think Mauraders might be the more focused of the…

I Need Street Fighter 6 Back Right Now

Street Fighter 6’s Stylized Look And Smooth Combat Are Instantly Addicting I love fighting games. That’s been true since the 16-bit era when my brother and I poured hours of our lives into Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. It continued over the years as games like Tekken 3, Soul…

Inkulinati Feels Like The Best Board Game That Doesn’t Exist

Leaping Off The Page In a lot of ways, Inkulinati feels more like a board game than a video game. Set on a 2D field, you move your pieces around the board, each having its own properties and rules. It almost feels like a combination of the game Onitama…

Can Stuntfest – World Tour Revive A Genre On Life Support?

Variety Might Just Be What This Genre Needs I’ve always had a soft spot for destruction derby-style games, but they’ve had a rough go of things in recent years. Maybe even recent decades. Taking a car and smashing it into other cars is generally a good start when it…

You Can Do Almost Anything With A Gunbrella

A Weapon, A Tool, A Mode of Transportation! What Can’t It Do? A gunbrella can be all kinds of things. A gun, a shield, a method of transportation; it’s seemingly whatever the developers at doinksoft want it to be, and Gunbrella is all the better for it. This latest…

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