Nigate Tale Abundant with Charming Gameplay

Get Magically Lost in Nigate Tale   Despite being a game journalist for nearly a decade now, I somehow hadn’t covered Monster Girls. I’ve edited plenty of Monster Girl content, but never played anything myself. And though I had some familiarity with that genre, I had no idea what…

Lunark Preview (PC)

Shoot for the (Pixelated) Stars     I have to admit that Lunark flew under my radar. I’m not much of a PC/Steam gamer, and the only reason I even checked it out was because the illustrious Josh Speer of HPP asked me to do so. This turned out…
nebulous fleet command

Nebulous: Fleet Command Preview (PC)

All’s fair in space and electronic warfare I think I speak for a lot of space RTS fans when I say we’ve been chasing that “Homeworld high” ever since the first one blew our minds over 20 years ago. A phenomenal story, beautiful aesthetics, cinematic music, and engaging mechanics…

In Sound Mind Preview

In Sound Mind's lead producer gives us a taste of terror on tape as we tour a new area in the upcoming psychological horror title from the creators of Nightmare House 2.
going medieval steam

Going Medieval Preview (PC)

Tonyght we schal celebraten as t’s 1399 It’s the end of the 14th century; Europe is slowly recovering from the horrifically devastating Black Plague, survivors timidly daring to hope that a new life could be borne out of such widespread tragedy. Taking back the land that nature itself had…
The darkside detective

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark Preview (PC)

Don’t send in these clowns Pixel art is great. Detective games are great. Point and clicks are great. Humor is great. So what do you have when you mix all those great things together? A great game, obviously — a game like The Darkside Detective. In fact, it was…

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