Antares Preview

In space they can totally hear you scream “The year is 2078. Humanity has realized its potential for both artificial intelligence and space travel. A research vessel from the Denello Corporation had been dispatched to the perimetre of the celestial body Antares. Its purpose was to harvest and study…

A Space For The Unbound Preview

Pixel Perfect Paradise During the summer of 2019, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Bali, Indonesia, for the first time. A world-renown tourist location, Bali recently jumped high up on my bucket list because I learned the gorgeous scenery and rich culture heavily inspired my lifetime…

Star Fetchers Preview

Overwhelmingly brutal. Overwhelmingly positive. Every once in a while, after all my gaming assignments have been cleared out and I’m in the mood for something new, I snoop around in the new releases section of Steam to see if I’ve missed anything noteworthy. This method is one of my…

The Mission Preview

Close encounters of the creepy-crawly kind Like most people, I love Saturdays. Sleeping in, not fighting traffic, and being able to play video games to my heart’s content are what Saturdays are all about. Of course, there’s also #ScreenShotSaturday — the best part of Saturdays — where gamers can…
Undead Darlings

Undead Darlings Preview

Drop dead glorious Like the zombie genre as a whole, it seems Undead Darlings refuses to die. Originally announced in 2015 by Mr. Tired Media, the team, headed by ex-NISA employees, has struggled to get this zombie visual novel/dungeon crawler off the ground for the better half of a decade.…
Fertile Crescent title

The Fertile Crescent Preview

A Fertile ground for old-school RTS fun. I must confess to having a certain soft spot for the original Age Of Empires. Sure, its sequels were objectively superior in virtually every regard, but there’s a certain charm to the original’s antiquated gameplay and visuals. With this in mind, it’s…

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